Remove Block Ads Advertisements from AIM AOL Messenger – AIM Ad Hack

We believe you don’t like too much of Advertisements or Ads when you are in the world of Messenger. Just like in Yahoo Messenger that We ever gave you a “how to” of Removing Ads from Yahoo Messenger, right now, We will give you another way (software) to remove of block Ads of AIM Messenger aka AOL Instant Messenger.

AIM Ad Hack – AIM Ads Blocker AIM Ads Remover – AIM Tool for removing Ads from AOL Messenger

The software that We wanna review and give to you is AIM Ad Hack. According to official site of AIM Ad Hack,, AIM Ad Hack will help us to remove any kind of Ads that appears in AIM Messenger Chat Client (Official). Read what they said below:

What makes AIM Ad Hack different from other AIM Programs/Add Ons?
AIM Ad Hack is the only program that fully removes the ads and options you don’t want in AIM instead of just hiding them. That’s why you may still get pop ups and audio ads in other AIM programs. Also AIM Ad Hack actually modifies AIM itself, it is not a program that loads every time along with AIM like deadaim and after you run AIM Ad Hack once it never needs to be run again until you upgrade to a new version of AIM.

AIM Ads Blocker Hack Features

  1. Removes advertisements from buddy list
  2. Blocks Viewpoint Media Player Install
  3. Blocks AOL Toolbar Install
  4. Blocks AOL Loader Install
  5. Blocks Quality Feedback Agent Install
  6. Blocks AOL Media Playback Install
  7. Blocks homepage change
  8. Removes AOL On Desktop (AOL Installer)
  9. Removes Triton’s crash reporting tool
  10. Removes System Information Utility
  11. Removes AOL Browser
  12. emoves Plaxo
  13. Removes Wild Tanget
  14. Removes WeatherBug
  15. Removes MySearch toolbar
  16. Removes AIM Toolbar
  17. Removes AIM Logger
  18. Removes Internet Explorer requirement
  19. Adds support for Windows 2003 & Vista
  20. Optionally disable HostManager from starting up with windows
  21. Optionally install AIM Gadgets plugin
  22. Optionally install Location Plugin Beta
  23. Optionally install Facebook Plugin
  24. Optionally install AIM while running AIM Ad Hack

Compatibility Version of AIM Ads Hack

AIM Remover or AIM Blocker has ability to remove Ads from AIM latest Version: Aim Ad Hack 5.56 for Aim 6 Version 6.8.x.x/, Aim Ad Hack 4.16 for Aim Version 5.9.6089, Aim Ad Hack Light for the 5.2- 5.9x series.

Download AIM Ads Blocker Ads Hack

AIM Ads Blocker, as long as we understood is freeware software. So you can download and used freely. Make sure you scan with your antivirus before you run in your computer. If you satisfied with this AIM Ads Blocker and have plenty of money you can donate to the creator of AIM Ads Hack to make this software maintain being developed.

Download AIM Ads Hack: Download

ps: AIMĀ® Messenger logo are registered trademark of AOL LLC