BBM is coming to Android and iOS. Get it yours!

You might already knew that RIM had a big announcement on the recent days relating with its exclusive BlackBerry Messenger Service. Yes, the RIM has giving it exclusivity of the BBM to others platform. You will be able to use the BBM in cross platform device, at this case the Android platform and iOS.

BlackBerry Messenger is Coming to Android and iOS

This means, whenever the BBM available for both of those platforms, you can communicate with your friends or colleague via BlackBerry Messenger from Android device and iOS device. This including the most popular Samsung Galaxy S series, or Motorola Droid, or iPhone and iPad would be able to use the BBM.


Although the BBM would be cross platform, I predict that the BBM in Android o iOS would get full features of BBM. There would be some limitation of the BBM in which this would give the BlackBerry Smartphone owners still get the exclusivity of their Device on using the BlackBerry.

I don’t know what kind of features that would be available on the BBM for BlackBerry OS and the features that wouldn’t be available in the iOS or Android. Just wait.

Want to get an ID (PIN) of BBM on your Android?

This time, the BBM for Android and iOS is not available. Yet, you can do one important thing that will make sure, you will get your BBM ID or PIN on Android. Just visit the official page relating with BBM for Android and iOS and wait till you will be listed as the first person who get info about this. Just enter your email, and then click Sign up.

Note: This is, in my opinion, a good start for the RIM to challenge and face to face with others Messaging Service that have already been popular, such as Whatsapp, LINE, KakaoTalk, and WeChat.