Use Add BBM Emoticons BlackBerry Messenger Smileys

If you looking for how to insert and use Emoticons on BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM from your BlackBerry Smart Phone (Curve 8310, Gemini, Bold 9000 / 9700, Storm, Storm 2 and etc) just follow the instructions below:

  • Type an Instant Message
  • Press the Symbol Key twice (2x)
  • Click an emoticon that you like to use

If you want to add an emoticon directly to your Instant Messenger just type the short cut key combination of BBM emoticons, such as :) for smile or =)) for ROTFL.

The shortcut key combination can be found while you pointed on the image at BBM (see the picture above). (smile, laugh, broken heart, American flag, Canadian flag,  thumb up, tongue, beer, star, clock, cry, angel, kiss, surprise, wink, sad, shy, hug, glasses, and much more).

If you want to get more emoticons for your BBM just upgrade the OS of your smartphone to the latest version of BBM: BlackBerry Messenger 5.0 (just click the link please). Different version (older version got fewer emoticons the newer one) had different emoticons number.


  1. christine says

    Hiya, do you have extra emoticons for blackberry? I’ve been sreaching for them but I have had no luck! If you do and wouldn’t mine could you send me them please? Xx

  2. Reemy says

    Ow i’m really happy, i finally found what i’ve been looking for

    yes yes yes u have theeeem looooool

    the old bbm smiley faces
    could you please send them to me? :$

    I tried to get them and I asked about them many times, but nobody has them yet
    so if you have them .. Can u please send them to me :$

    i looooove uuuuuu =D

    and here’s my Pin: 21F06CF1


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