BlackBerry Messenger Icons Indicator Guide Tutorial

This post create has the purpose to deliver an information to understand the Icons Indicators that appears in the BlackBerry Messenger. Its will help you to learn how to use BlackBerry Messenger. The Indicators Icons devided into 3 sections: Indicator Icons for Contact List Screen, Indicator Icons for Chat Screen and the last is Indicators Icons in BlackBerry Group Chat.

  1. this indicator icons means that it new item, you can remove this icons by open each of item that appeared with this icons.
  2. this indicator remind you that availability notification is set
  3. this icon refer to new BlackBerry messenger has appears, just clear this icon by open each chat that has this icon and earch item that has new notification indicator.
  4. Busy status indicator icon
  5. there are (is) (a) unread message(s) in a chat that you might want to read
  6. You are (your friends) playing Media File such as Music (
  7. Chat is open icon
  8. indicating that the current action is pending
  9. icon indicator for conference open
  10. Contact request is pending
  11. text messaging contact icon / chat icon
  12. message system (help)

BlackBerry Messenger Chat Screen Icon Indicator

  1. message from you or you chat friend is being sent (should be arrived in a second)
  2. this icon indicating that the message has already been read
  3. indicator icon that your message has already been sent to the target :)
  4. Icon that notify you that your message has been delivered (ready to be read to the chat partner)
  5. Emoticons button that would help you to sent an BlackBerry Emoticon such as smile, cry, flag, hug, kiss to your chat partner
  6. current location indicator for a contact

For BlackBerry Messenger Groups Chat

  1. Group members icon indicator
  2. Group adminstrator
  3. group chat icon
  4. comment on a pic or item
  5. shared pictures photos or images
  6. favorite mark for picture icon
  7. Shared list
  8. added voice in picture image
  9. group calender
  10. new group notification icon
  11. to add a contact or member just click this icon