Desktop / Web Base BlackBerry Messenger Client

If you looking for some application web base or desktop application that allow you to run or use BlackBerry Messenger this time, the answer would be simple: There is no such application / web base.

Yeah, as long as we knew, BlackBerry Messenger communicate use PIN and RIM Network to do that, and RIM doesn’t seems wanna open this networking Messenger. It not like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or FaceBook Chat or common Messenger Services that allow you to use third party chat client: could be web base or application program. BlackBerry Messenger only available in your Blackberry Device.

Eventhough, it would be more “chatty” if we can use BBM at our desktop computer by using third party client (web base or an application). We hope this dreams would come true in the future.

We also knew that using BBM got more efficient (economical / money) to communicate with other BlackBerry users than using ordinary SMS (text messaging). This would be good if we can use it from our computer device to BlackBerry to sent any messages by using BlackBerry Messenger Networks.