BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android App Download and iOS

I guess your are here because you so damn waiting to get and experience one of most popular Mobile Instant Messenger called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). It’s known that BBM is an exclusive IM Mobile services for many years, exclusive for BlackBerry Smartphone by RIM. But today, it’s official that the RIM will open the exclusiveness of BlackBerry Messenger to the outsider: Android and iOS devices.

BlackBerry Messenger for Android

BlackBerry Messenger for Android

Here we just wanna help you to get the download link of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android. We will give you the download page at Google Play Store. It will alive on September 20, 2013. And for the BBM for iOS, you must wait a day later to get the download link of app on September 21, 2013.
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BBM is coming to Android and iOS. Get it yours!

You might already knew that RIM had a big announcement on the recent days relating with its exclusive BlackBerry Messenger Service. Yes, the RIM has giving it exclusivity of the BBM to others platform. You will be able to use the BBM in cross platform device, at this case the Android platform and iOS.

BlackBerry Messenger is Coming to Android and iOS

This means, whenever the BBM available for both of those platforms, you can communicate with your friends or colleague via BlackBerry Messenger from Android device and iOS device. This including the most popular Samsung Galaxy S series, or Motorola Droid, or iPhone and iPad would be able to use the BBM.
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BlackBerry Messenger User Guide Manual PDF

BlackBerry Messenger Manual User Guide

BlackBerry Messenger Manual – User Guide is an official guide for BlackBerry user (for example BlackBerry Storm 9500) while they want to understand and learn to use the blackberry messenger. It really recommend for new user of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).

The Manual of BBM User Guide consists of many sections and topics on using the BlackBerry Messenger: Basic understanding and learn, shortcuts explanation and help, availability, contacts, chats, blackberry groups, contact list backup, glossary, feedback, policy rules of IT, and Legal Notice.

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BlackBerry Messenger Icons Indicator Guide Tutorial

This post create has the purpose to deliver an information to understand the Icons Indicators that appears in the BlackBerry Messenger. Its will help you to learn how to use BlackBerry Messenger. The Indicators Icons devided into 3 sections: Indicator Icons for Contact List Screen, Indicator Icons for Chat Screen and the last is Indicators Icons in BlackBerry Group Chat.

  1. this indicator icons means that it new item, you can remove this icons by open each of item that appeared with this icons.
  2. this indicator remind you that availability notification is set
  3. this icon refer to new BlackBerry messenger has appears, just clear this icon by open each chat that has this icon and earch item that has new notification indicator.
  4. Busy status indicator icon
  5. there are (is) (a) unread message(s) in a chat that you might want to read
  6. You are (your friends) playing Media File such as Music (
  7. Chat is open icon
  8. indicating that the current action is pending
  9. icon indicator for conference open
  10. Contact request is pending
  11. text messaging contact icon / chat icon
  12. message system (help)

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Hoax in BlackBerry Messenger – Donation for Haiti

If you received any Message in BlackBerry Messenger said that RIM wanna gather Donation across BBM Users for Haiti Earth Quake Victims like this one:

Because of what has transpired in Haiti recently, Blackberry has decided to help out and give 35 cents for the cause when you pass this message along to your friends on BBM

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Desktop / Web Base BlackBerry Messenger Client

If you looking for some application web base or desktop application that allow you to run or use BlackBerry Messenger this time, the answer would be simple: There is no such application / web base.

Yeah, as long as we knew, BlackBerry Messenger communicate use PIN and RIM Network to do that, and RIM doesn’t seems wanna open this networking Messenger. It not like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or FaceBook Chat or common Messenger Services that allow you to use third party chat client: could be web base or application program. BlackBerry Messenger only available in your Blackberry Device.

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Use Add BBM Emoticons BlackBerry Messenger Smileys

If you looking for how to insert and use Emoticons on BlackBerry Messenger aka BBM from your BlackBerry Smart Phone (Curve 8310, Gemini, Bold 9000 / 9700, Storm, Storm 2 and etc) just follow the instructions below:

  • Type an Instant Message
  • Press the Symbol Key twice (2x)
  • Click an emoticon that you like to use

If you want to add an emoticon directly to your Instant Messenger just type the short cut key combination of BBM emoticons, such as :) for smile or =)) for ROTFL.

The shortcut key combination can be found while you pointed on the image at BBM (see the picture above). (smile, laugh, broken heart, American flag, Canadian flag,  thumb up, tongue, beer, star, clock, cry, angel, kiss, surprise, wink, sad, shy, hug, glasses, and much more).

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