Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013 ASCII Art for Facebook / Google+

As usually, month of December is a month with two global ceremony that we waiting for. Almost billion of people are going to celebrate: The Christmas Day of 2012 dan New Year of 2013. After we gave you a year ago how you could enjoy this days in Facebook or Google Plus, now we gonna give you one again how to celebrate it with ASCII Art.

Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2013 ASCII ART

All you had to do just copy paste the ASCII Art that we have specially designed below to your Facebook Status, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, Facebook Page Status, Facebook Comment, Facebook Group, Google Plus Comment, Google Plus Status Stream, Google Plus Page and others.
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012 – Google Plus Facebook Status ASCII Art Style

December is coming. It only one month remaining that the year of 2011 would turn to new year of 2012. There is a Christmas and of course the New Year itself that many of us would thrown a party or at least celebrate it. How about celebrate this annual even through your social network such as Facebook or Google Plus? How about using the ASCII Art Style? OK we’ll guide you to do this.

Tutorial: It just simple just copy the ASCII art below that we already designed for you and the paste it into your Google+ stream or Facebook Status. Share it with your beloved friends or family.

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Facebook Trick – Just a funny joke to turn @[] into something interesting

I just new that we can create a command that would be very funny if we ordered our friend to do a comment or make a status in facebook by using this command. Here is the facebook trick that we mean.

Facebook Trick Im a Monkey

Login to your facebook account and make a status like this:


Please remove + and press enter on your FB comment and see what happen :)

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My Facebook Ticker is Gone! – How to Disable / Remove and Block it (TIMELINE)!

Remember what I wrote before about FB Ticker? Finally, I was able to figure out how you can kick the Ticker stream status / notification of Facebook (Facebook Ticker, at list hide it somewhere to the hell :D ). Now, I glad that I’m not a stalker anymore. How to do this? Here is the simple tutorial to disable or remove FB Ticker.

Note: some of facebook users also name it this ticker as TIMELINE. Might be because it would update like a stream continuously without an end in every second.

Please use Google Chrome, or other Chromium Browser such as Comodo Browser (at this tutorial we used Comodo Browser as Chromium base browser). If you don’t have it, just download and install one of them. Here are the steps you had to follow:
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How Long Before Status Message go to Idle?

Ask: How Long Before Status Message go to Idle?

Possible Answer #1: If you mean Idle Status in IM Client of Yahoo Messenger, the answer is: its depend to preference setting on your Yahoo Messenger Client under Preferences –> Privacy –> Show me as “Idle” if I don’t use the computer for [1] minutes. [1] is the lowest number and can be edited as many as your want. And you’ll never get “Idle” status if you choose “Do not show anyone how long I have been idle.”

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MessengeRoo on Twitter

Today, After a long contemplation and consideration, We finally decided to create a twitter account for this blog. The url address of the twitter account can be found @messengeroo. If you a twitter user you can follow us from the links above. If you forget the link of MessengeRoo on Twitter you can see the link on the right sidebar of this blog.

For the first post, we just add several links to our post that we consider as “important” post such as about FaceBook Emoticons, Anti Boot Tricks, Invisible Status Checker and many more.