Using Google Talk GTalk on Samsung Galaxy S Captivate SGH i897

What the different between Google Talk and others Instant Messenger / Messaging Service? Though many of others IM services also used XMPP / Jabber Protocol just like GTalk (Facebook Chat, iChat also used XMPP Protocol), but the GTalk has an ability to store online all the log of Chat in your Gmail Account.

Let forget about it, we wanna discuss how to used (first step) Google Talk in Samsung Galaxy S Captivate aka Samsung SGH i897. Here the steps that you should do:

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Google Talk for Android

If you had android SmartPhone (almost all cellular phone, mobile phone that used Android, can be categorized as SmartPhone, only small version of Android that not high end / low end Mobile Phone) and want to use Google Talk aka GTalk, you don’t have to find any download file installer for you Android Phone (Enclair, Froyo and else).

It is because almost all the Phone had a default Google Features ? Tools. All the Android Phone had Google talk Client inside it, and others Google Services such as Google Map, Google Latitude and else (it could be vary among the Android Phone due to some of Google Service need “high hardware specification” — Memory, Processor, and else).

That why, if you looking for Google Talk for Android just explore the application installed in Your Android Phone and then Find it! No need to download and install or search on the Android Market, unless you want to upgrade the Google Talk mobile Client!

Google Talk Sniffer: Spy Capture Conversation Message in LAN

Google Talk Sniffer is a kind of software that would allow you to monitor and record all the conversations that happen in Local Area Networks that use Google Talk Messenger Service as their main conversation Instant Messenger Services. This also means you can make a control of your children (if you are a parent) that used Google talk as their Social Chat service in the Internet, or if you are a boss or supervisor of your company you can use it to monitor and log all what happen to your employees when there were use Google Talk.

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GTalk Cheats: Make Conference Calls / Voice Conference using Google Talk

As long as we knew, there are no conference rooms that would be available for us to make Conference Calls between more than one contact in GTalk. The question is: How to make a conference calls using Google Talk? Here are the answer.

The idea is simple. Just using Google Talk Multi ID (just click the links to show you how to use / make multi in gtalk). First, if you want to make conference calls between two of your google talk friend (that means 3 person conference), make sure all the user has two gtalk ID that ready to be used and they had open two google client using GTalk Multiple ID.

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Google Talk ChatBack Widget WordPress Plugin

If you have a website or blog that used wordpress CMS (with your own domain and hosting) and want to interact with your visitor using Google Talk Instant Messenger you can try to add Google Talk ChatBack in your Widget using Google Talk Widget Plugin. With this wordpress plugin you can add the GTalk ChatBack easily to your Sidebar through widget wordpress tool.

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Google Talk Auto Reply Message GTalk Answering Machine

We not tested whether this Google Talk tool is works properly or not, try it by your self. As the title of this post said, Google Talk Auto Reply Message is a gtalk tool that would allow you to make a message that would replay automatically in your google talk. Whenever a message come, it will replay automatically by the default replay message that you been set through this Google Talk Auto Reply. We can also call it as GTalk Answering Machine, just like we said for Yahoo Messenger Auto Reply aka YM Answering Machine.

Google Talk Auto Reply Message GTalk Answering Machine

There are two ways you can get Answering Machine Message for Google Talk: Use Web Base GTalk Auto Replay and GTalk Auto Reply Software.

Web Base Autor Reply for Google Talk

google talk auto replay

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Google Talk for Windows 7

Google hasn’t lauch his GTalk client for Windows 7 yet (at least at the time we wrote this post), therefore sometime if you use the Google Talk client that design for Windows Vista or XP in your windows 7, your Google Talk client got some problem (won’t work for example). To handle this problem, I suggest you to use the web messenger client such as Meebo, ebuddy, and else.

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