KVIrc – Free IRC Client for UNIX (MacOSX, Ubuntu, etc) n Windows

Instead of Using MiRC that almost been world wide well know, we personally suggest you (Recommended) to use this Free (Open Source with GNU License) IRC Client for your Operating System, including UNIX System such as MacOSX, Ubuntu, and others, and also you Windows in Win32 such as XP, Vista or 7, called KVIrc. Though it seem not easy to install because you need to compile the source code and others process you you have to do, this IRC Chat Client has many great features.

KVIrc Chat Client

Features in KVIrc

There plenty of Features available in KVIrc. Some of them you can read as follows: In user Interface you can get, Full GUI Based Configuration, Floatable Windows (MDI), Hepl, Themes, Emoticon, Editing ToolBar, Status Bar, Notifier Pop up, and support 14 Languages Translation; Networks you can had IPv6 Supported, Proxy with SOCKSv4 or v5 and also HTTP, SLL Support; For IRC features you can use Multiserver Connection, Notify List, Ignore List, Lag Metter and many more.

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Portable IRC Client for Mac OS X – Newspeak Cocoa

Portable IRC Client for Mac OS X, that we want to share with you had a name: Portable Newspeak. This Portable Client of IRC would allow you to use portable device such as iPod, Memory Card, USB drive and others to store and the run it (need 2MB Free Space).

You can use your IRC Servers and channel list to Portable Newspeak also.

Download Portable IRC Client Newspeak

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IRC Client for iPhone & iPod Touch

At this time, I would give you some of Chat Client software that developed to use in IRC and work with iPhone and iPod Touch. To simplify that term, we can called as IRC Client for iPhone or just IRC Chat Client for iPod Touch.

Commercial IRC Client for iPhone

If you looking for IRC Client for iPhone that available in iPhone iTunes AppStore, you can try Colloquy for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s has many features such as supports IRC command, Nickname and Emoticons, Provide User Information (whois), search able room member list and many more.

Download Colloquy at iPhone AppStore

Advance information about this commercial (that means you must buy it to use it) you can find at official site of Colloquy at colloquy.mobi

Free IRC Client for iPhone

If you want a free IRC Client for your iPhone you can use one of this list below:

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MiRC Command IRC Code

Below We give you some important Command that usually use in MiRC or IRC Chat. Just follow the intruction and the short tutorial and try to you MiRC

1. Register Channel = /cs register (#channel) (password) (description)
2. Identify Channel = /cs identify (#channel) (password)
3. Successor = /cs set (#channel) successor (nickname)
4. Drop Channel = /cs drop (#channel)
5. Change Password Channel = /cs set (#channel) passwd (old password) ( new password)
6. Forgot Pass Channel = /cs sendpass (#channel) (email)
7. Founder Baru (Identify #Channel Dulu) = /cs set (#channel) founder
8. Mailblock = /cs set (#channel) mailblock (on/off)
9. Private = /cs set (#channel) private (on/off)
10. Set Description = /cs set (#channel) desc (description)
11. Set Topic = /cs set (#channel) topik (topic)
12. Set URL = /cs set (#channel) url (url address)
13. Set Mlock = /cs set (#channel) mlock (write the mode)
14. Set Restrict = /cs set (#channel) restrict (on/off)
15. Set KeepTopic = /cs set (#channel) keeptopic (on/off)
16. Set TopikLock = /cs set (#channel) topikclock (off/sop/founder)
17. Set Memo Channel = /cs set (#channel) memo (none/aop/sop/founder)
18. Set OP-Guard = /cs set (#channel) opguard (on/off)
19. Add/Del Sop = /cs sop (#channel) (add/del) (nick)
20. Add/Del Aop = /cs aop (#channel) (add/del) (nick)
21. Lihat List Op = /cs (aop/sop) (#channel) list
22. Akick Nick = /cs akick (#channel) (add/del) (Nick!*@*)
23. Akick Ident = /cs akick (#channel) (add/del) (*!ident@*)
24. Akick IP Address = /cs akick (#channel) (add/del) (*!*@IP Address)
25. Akick List = /cs akick (#channel) list
26. Op List = /cs (sop/aop) (#channel) list
27. Lihat Akses = /cs why (#channel) (nick)
28. Unban = /cs unban (#channel) (nick)
29. Invite = /cs invite (#channel) (nick)
30. Info = /cs info (#channel)
31. Access Channel = /cs access (#channel) (nick op)
32. Count = /cs count (#channel)

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Free IRC Chat Client for BlackBerry – jmIrc (J2ME)

You looking for Java Chat Client for IRC? You have to read my article discussing Java IRC Client PJIRC. This post We created to discuss another Java Client of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) but for Mobile Phone or Mobile Application. This IRC for Mobile Phone Client called as jmIRC.

Though jmIrc is Java Mobile IRC Client, this post actually We plan to answer some question that want to install IRC Client on BlackBerry Mobile Phone (Smart Phone) and then we suggest to install jmIrc on their BlackBerry for the IRC Chat Client Solution.

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Free Java IRC Client for Website Forum – PJIRC

If you looking for IRC Client that can be installed in your website or forum or blog for free (Open Source), you can try the Java IRC Client called as PJIRC — stands for “Plouf’s Java IRC Client”.

Originally, PJIRC wasn’t supposed to become a popular java irc client. It was just a little test to know whether I (Plouf) was able to help some friends at the designing of a little webchat application for their website: Mandragor.

So PJIRC was used as a webchat for Mandragor, using the DWChat irc network. Soon after, DWChat decided to use it on their official websiste. Since DWChat was close to Apinc, a non-commercial internet association, some of the websites it was hosting started to use PJIRC as well. In order to offer some support to those people, a mailing list was created.

Today, PJIRC is a very complete Java IRC Client. It can be run from an applet, but can also be executed from any “stand alone” java virtual machine.

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