KEmulator – Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC (Mig33 Case)

KEmulator Java Mobile Phone Emulator for PC Mig33 Case

KEmulator is a Java Emulator that would help you to open a Java Mobile file (.jar extension) in your Desktop PC (Personal Computer) (Sometimes Java Mobile Emulator also refer to Java Mobile Phone Simulator; simulate Java Application of Mobile Phone on PC Personal Computer). This Emulator would allows you use Java Application or Java Games directly from your computer. In this case, we try to use Mig33 application to be use in KEmulator. Why mig33, it because Mig33 is Mobile Instant Messaging that only allow to use from Mobile Phone (and this blog discussed about Messaging!)

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Inv Detector Invi Scanner

Invi and Inv is the dubbed name that derived from word “Invisible”. Because it seem simply in pronunciation and also in letter, many of Messenger users called as Inv or Invi (Someone availability status that used Stealth mode). Invi might refer to many Instant Messenger Service / Protocol, such as Windows Live Messenger Invisible, Google Talk Invisible Status, Yahoo Messenger Invisible Status, even Facebook Chat Invisible Status.

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Paltalk Password Recovery Free Download n Review

Usually the password recovery in any of software use the ways of cracking password do. They just try to get a password back when you didn’t remember that. There are two ways to make your password recover from loosing or forgotten password: Using crack system that with algorithm they try as many as they need to get back the password, and the second is try to find the password in your computer (usually when you click Remember Password in Login Windows of your IM System Client).

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk Password Recovery

Paltalk in one of many popular IM Service and Client available in the Internet. If you forget your password username or ID of Paltalk you can try this Paltalk Tool called Paltalk Password Recovery. You can get back any password stored in Paltalk Client (not in Messenger Server) in your computer (second way of getting back your password. Read out explanation above), including AIM, ICQ, and also Yahoo Messenger. It works with all Paltalk Client Version (8.2 to 9.2).

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Spell Checker of Yahoo, Windows Live, Skype and Miranda IM Messenger

spell checker messenger add ons

For Professional or anyone who need to make “perfect” conversations without any miss-spelling such as Public Relation, salesman and others jobs that need a kind of it and they also communicate with the client or colleague through Instant Messenger Services such as Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger, Skype or even through Multi Protocol Messenger Client likes Miranda IM, you can try the add on of Messenger Tool called as IM Spell Checker.

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International Emoticons Keyboard Keys Standard Needed!

Base on personal experience, we faced that using different protocol or different Messenger Service, we face with different shortcut keyboard keys of Emoticons that we should use. For example if you use keyboard shortcut keys like “=))” in Yahoo Messenger, the code keyboard shortcut would automatically turn into emoticon animation / image like this “” (rolling on the floor/lol/laughing out loud), but if you used it in Facebook Chat the shortcut code would turn to nothing (still the same code text letter that appears in Facebook chat / no emoticon appeared). This means that in Yahoo there is and Yahoo Messenger Emoticons that used that shortcut key but in Facebook Chat Emoticons there isn’t.

On the other hand, if you use Facebook Chat emoticons shortcut like this ” (^^^)” in Facebook Chat window, it would turn to an emoticon image like this ” ” (Shark Facebook Chat Emoticon), but if you use that shortcut keyboard key on Yahoo Messenger, it would turn into “nothing”.

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SophiaBot: Artificial Personality Chat Bot with Vista Speech Recognition API

I got an interesting Artificial chat bot that would make you able to use it as “partner chat” :D. Called SophiaBot. This is not a kind of Instant Messenger New though, but still relating with chat communication activities, therefore I still wanna share with you via this blog.

It seem that the project of this “Artificial Personality Chat Bot” under Open Source Project. This means that it allow you to download the source files.

Look at the picture and pay attention to the conversation within Sophia and “You”:

You: Are you a robot?
Shopia: What made you think so? I am a Machine.

You: What is the Matrix?
Shopia: The Matrix is a movie about virtual reality

You: Did you like the Matrix?
Shopia: I wasn’t that impressed with the special effects. Also the plot was not deep.

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