Mig33 for Android (New!)

As you might knew, Mig33 is one of Mobile Instant Messaging Service that has a huge number or users (said 40 million users) and it can be used in most of Mobile Phone. To day, Mig33 began to spread their service into Mig33 for Android PhoneAndroid Community with released Mig33 for Android Phone (read the official blog released at here). It said, as long as you are using Android Phone that run under Eclair aka Android 2.1 Version or higher (Froyo Android 2.2 or Gingerbread) you can try and used Mig33 on your SmartPhone — for example LG Optimus T (Android Froyo), Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.1 Eclair), or Motorola Droid Pro (Android 2.2 Froyo).

Unlike others Mobile Messenger that did not provide Chat Room, mig33 do had a Chat Room aka Group Chat that would make a great opportunities to create social community chat. Others commons features also available; games, avatar, contact list, emoticons, and also Multi IM Protocol client supported; YM, MSN Messenger aka Windows Live Messenger WLM, GTalk / Google Talk, Facebook, and also AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)

For Developer: You can create virtual goods such as games, to make you able get the revenue on mig33 (share). Mig33 also available to used VoiP, SMS, and others virtual goods.

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Mig33 Boot Kick Flooding Chat Room Bomb Attack

Just like in Yahoo Messenger that has illegal activities such as Flooding aka Boot Attack: Yahoo Boot, in other Messenger Services also had the same thing (Almost all Instant Messenger Services: Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, QQ, SameTime, Jabber, IRC, Facebook had the same vulnerability at flooding attack). The purpose of all boot activities almost the same: make some one out (disconnected) from Messenger! Kick out from messenger!

One of popular Multi Protocol Messenger for Mobile / web base that usually had Boot War / Attack is Mig33. Just like in Yahoo, Mig33 has many Chat Room that usually trigger someone to make confrontation with each other using Boot Attack (Flooding / Kick).

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Mig33 For BlackBerry (Version 4.10)

If you looking for Mig33 version that works on BlackBerry Mobile Phone, we suggest you to use Mig33 Version 4.10. According to our experience, using Mig33 v4.10, it seems works very well. Features in this Mig33 for BlackBerry are almost the same as the common features in others version of Mig33: Chat Room, Contact List, Emoticons, and many more.

Download Mig33 V 4.10 for BlackBerry

You can download from the official server of Mig33 the mig33 version 4.10 below:

Download Mig33 for BlackBerry

Note: just download by click the link above from your blackberry internet browser.

Free Download Mig33 4.20 Client

If you are a facebook user that also use Mig33, you got a good news (Sorry, it’s been quite long we didn’t discuss about Mig33): Mig33 Version 4.20 has been released. This version would allow you to chat in facebook: facebook chat.

Features in Mig33 V 4.20

Features, including one contact list, emoticons, multi messenger, chat room, and many more

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