Is Whatsapp Free? No, it isn’t

After the dawn of Yahoo Messenger Chat Room, the new era of Chatting and Instant Messaging change to Mobile Messenger. One of the most popular client at this time (by 2013) is Whatsapp Mobile Messenger. What make this Mobile IM Client so popular is its ability to synchronize the mobile number as its username and all the contacts will be added automatically as Whatsapp’s friendslist. No need to create new username, no need to register: just need to enter the nickname or avatar (optional). Right now, Whatsapp claimed on having more than 100 million user.

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IgniteIM – Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

If you had an iPad (whether is WiFi or Wifi + 3G) or iPhone (3G or 4G Generation), or iPod Touch that already run using iOS 3.0 / higher (such as the latest version OS: iOS 4.2 Softwre), and you wanna use Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Windows Live Messenger to chat with in just ONE Client (usually called as All in One Chat Client), you can try IgniteIM Multi Protocol IM Application for your iPad iPhone or iPod Touch.

IgniteIM - Multi Protocol Instant Messaging for iPad iPhone and iPod Touch

As we said above, the Ignite IM would help you to connect to all of Instant Messaging Protocol that been supported, such as AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, MySpaceIM, YM, GTalk, WLM and FB Chat. Of course you need to had each of the account of the IM Protocol.

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Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959

Samsung Vibrant SGH t959 was a Cell Phone one of Samsung Galaxy S series. It used 5 Megapixle Camera and the most important thing is the Operating System of Vibrant: Using Android 2.1 Enclair. Why it should be important to find out what the Operating System of Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. It because of the Yahoo Messenger Client for different OS also use the different version of YM Mobile Client.

Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959

If you looking for Yahoo Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant SGH t959, all you had to do just using the Yahoo Messenger for Android! That all you can do in best choice. For others alternative you can also use multiple IM Client for Android Cell Phone such as meebo for android, ebuddy for android and others.

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BlueTooth Chat Mobile Messenger – MobiLuck

MobiLuck Bluetooth Messenger If you using Symbian (especially Symbian S60) mobile Phone Operating System, and also using Java or Windows Mobile, we give you a good new. We deliver you a free Mobile Messenger / Mobile Chat that without even need internet connection or any credit. Yes, By using MobiLuck BlueTooth Messenger, BlueTooth Mobile Chat, you can communicate with your friend (as far as Bluetooth can reach / 100 meter or more). It Freeware.

Features in BlueTooth Messenger – MobiLuck

Features including the ability to detect all Bluetooth devices that near your device, Send Message to stranger, File Sharing, Picture Sharing, and many others features.

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Fring for iPhone with Video Call (VoiP)

The new version of Fring for iPhone (Fring is multi mobile protocol messenger that allwo you to connect several Messenger Service such as Yahoo Messenger, AIM, MSN/WLM, Skype, Google Talk, ICQ, and many more) now has a brand new feature relating with VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Right now if you download Fring for your iPhone 4 (3G, 3GS and older, might be), you’ll be available to use Video Call. This means you’ll be to use voice through VoIP and also used your iPhne webcam to transfer the video camera with your Call partner through 3G connection.

Even though the quality of the Video is not as good as if you using WiFi to WiFi.

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Skreeky: “Amateur Radio” in Your Mobile Phone (Audio Chat)

We love the idea of Skreeky to make a new way we can chat via voice call through Mobile Device just like the way we communicate by using Amateur Radio or HT (Handy Talky).

How Skreeky Works?

You can determine the radius area (need GPS enabled) to make a chat with other people in your near area. For example you just want to make a chat with area radius of 5km. This would make you able to chat with all others Skreekers (the user of the Skeekers) on the same Channel (blue) that are located at the same radius (5km).

Just like amateur radio you can talk and hears all others user within your area.

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Instant Messenger / Chatting vs SMS (Short Message Service)

Many of mobile phone fabrication and also the Operator, in this time, launch a smart phone / mobile phone that also by default run an Instant Messenger in it. It including Personal Phone Instant Messenger just like Ping in iPhone or BlackBerry Messenger in BlackBerry Smart Phone. Others Smartphone developers also launch this kind of Instant Messenger Phone to Phone, such as Nexian Messenger. Using Instant Messenger / Chatting with PIN (like username / Chat ID) in Mobile Devices (BBM for example) would make us deliver messages faster and cheaper.

In the other hand, Short Message Service that also known well as SMS is another kind to deliver messages. The purpose of both of them (Instant Messenger and SMS) is the same. It for communication in text messages.

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