KDE Instant Messenger (Unix) – Kopete

Kopete is Instant Messenger specially design for Unix workstations (including Linux, FreeDSB, Windows, Solaris, Mac OS X). Sometime Kopete called as KDE Instant Messenger because of its designed for KDE. Kopete can be categories as multi protocol instant messenger that can be used for AIM, Windows Live Messenger (WLM), Yahoo Messenger (YM), Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Novell GroupWise Messenger etc.

You can even used SILC or Anti Spam Plugin along with Kopete. This could be means that Kopete would be very secure for Instant Messaging (we knew that SILC is a secure way to make a chat or conference)

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I Love IM – Multi Protocol Web Base Messenger AIM MySpace YM MSN

My Love IM /MyLoveIM is web service Instant Messenger Client that would allow you to use your Yahoo Messenger Account or AIM or MySpace IM and MSN aka WLM via your Web Browser. You can set Invisible Status and it’s encrypted.

ILoveIM.com Web-based Instant Messenger service lets you stay connected with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk and MySpace messengers. There is no need to download and install anything into your computer to use our web messenger. All you need is a web browser with Internet connection

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Easy Message – Ultra-lite Multi IM Client: MSN, AOL, ICQ, Yahoo

Looking for Multi Protocol Client / Multi IM client? You could try Easy Message. Easy Message is one of Multi Protocol Instant Messenger Client that supports MSN aka WLM, AOL aka AIM, ICQ and also Yahoo Messenger. It works so lightly that why it calls as Ultra lite Multi Instant Messenger Client. The download size of this client only 270KB.

Features in Easy Message

File Transfer that allow you to send and receive any file from your friend or to your friend in all of your contact list is one of many features available in easymessage. Another features are: Group Chat, Simple Interface, Sound Notification, POP3 Mail Notification, Proxy and Firewall supports.

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Chat from Ping iPhone to BBM BlackBerry Messenger

Someone ask me, is it possible to make connection (chat) from Ping! iPhone to BlackBerry Messenger, just like we can chat from Yahoo Messenger to Windows Live Messenger? Of course the answer is yes, the possibility is high. Unfortunately, until this time, that action can’t not be done. It depend on iPhone developer (Apple) and BBM Builder (RIM). If they do some cooperation (works together) to make it happen, we can make a chat from iphone messenger Ping to BBM. It depend on them.

BBM is unique client that only capable to use to chat from Blackberry to Blackberry, and Ping either: only able to chat / conference from BlackBerry to BlackBerry.

The only way we can chat from our iphone to blackberry is using popular messenger service that can be installed the client in both of them. For example, we can use Gtalk client for iPhone and Gtalk for Blackberry. Than we can use google account to chat from iphone to blackberry. Then, you can chat, make conference from BlackBerry to iPhone or share file, voice chat an others using it. You can also use another Protocol such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM or IRC and other. Just like that.

Raketu: VoiP Call , Multi IM Client, Game and News

Raketu is Multi IM Client that also has many features including VoiP Call (PC to PC or Mobile Phone to Phone Calling – You can test a Call for Free in 30 Minutes, and else), Conference using Voice or IM, SMS Texting, File Transfer, News / Sports, Weather, Video on Demand, Picture Viewer, Games, and much more

Especially for Instant Messaging Client, Raketu supports Yahoo Messenger, MSN / Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, Skype, Jabber. This Multi Protocol Client feature in Raketu called as Multi Messenger Bridge. Offline Messaging also supported.

You can use Raketu by Online using your web Browser (Web Base Raketu Application), or using your Mobile Phone (Supports BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, iPhone, Win Mobile and others: visit www.raketu.mobi) , and even through Raketu Windows Application

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qutIM – Free Open Source Multi Instant Messenger Client – IRC GTalk ICQ LiveJournal

qutIM run well in Windows Platform (XP, Vista, 2000) and also on Linux Systems. qutIM can connect to several Instant Messenger Protocol such as Google Talk / Jabber / Gtalk, ICQ, IRC, and also for Live Journal.com and Mail.Ru (this just complementary features in qutIM). You can even use this qutIM Multi Protocol Client to connect to VKontakte.ru , Twitter, like we said before GTalk Jabber is working in XMPP. Open Source license is under GNU General Public License, that allow you to download the source code and modified them by yourself.

As long as we knew qutIM written base on C++ wit Qt 4.4. You can also download the unofficial platform such as qutIM for Mac OSX, Debian GNU Linusk, SUSE Linux, Mandriva Linux and others platform of Operating System.

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Wippien – Free Peer to Peer (P2P) Instant Messenger (use VPN) n Multi Protocol IM

VPN or Virtual Private Networks can be used to transfer any data from one computer to another by using Peer to Peer connection. How about if this ability used as Instant Messaging / Instant Messenger? Or for Gaming, File Sharing and others?

Wippien is Free answer of that. Wippien is an application that would allow you to establish direct P2P (Peer to Peer) between your friends. Wippien used NAT tranversal techniques to make direct connection between peers.

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FunPidgin – Carrier Instant Messenger – Fork of Pidgin Client

FunPidgin / Fun Pidgin is fork of the official Pidgin Client – one of the most popular cross-platform multi protocol chat client that can connects to twenty (more) Instant Messenger Protocol Service. Fun Pidgin also known as Carrier Instant Messenger. What different between official pidgin and the fun pidgin is “The Users Want”. Like what the official site of FunPidgin said:

What makes us different from the official client, is that we work for you. Unlike the Pidgin developers, we believe the user should have the final say in what goes into the program.

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