Treegger: Chat with your Twitter and Foursquare Account!

Currently, there would no ways that you can chat using your twitter account via twitter official web page ( between both of your twitter friends (follower / following). But don’t worry, there is another way to make that chat features for your twitter account enable.

Treegger Chat with Twitter and Foursquare Account

Treegger – XMPP Server for your Twitter Account and Foursquare Account

By using Treegger in your XMPP / Jabber Client such as Adium, Psi, Imonair for Android / iPhone, iChat, Pidgin, Miranda, or others Jabber / XMPP Client you’ll be able to use your Twitter and Foursquare account.

The Default configuration that you should take for XMPP Client is like this one:

Jabber ID: [your twitter account name]@twitter (for example ‘jchasetg@twitter’) or your [foursquare email with '#' instead of '@']@foursquare (for example ‘’)
Connect Server: with port 5223
Allow plaintext authentication (twitter doesn’t provide any other authentication method yet)
SSL/TLS (old style) required and selected

Remember you should make sure to check the SSL / TLS option to make sure this chat via server works properly. It because the treegger would guarantee that your data messages (chat text) runs through the server securely (encrypted).

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Coccinella – XMPP IM Client (GTalk, iChat, Jabber) with Great Features

By using Coccinella you are able to communicate with your friends through XMPP Protocol including Google Talk, iChat, Jabber, etc. Even you can add your AIM friends, ICQ, and MSN Contact to your Contact list and watch their status message.

Features in Coccinella

Whiteboard that allow you to sketch or make diagram or  draw picture even mathematical function and then share it with your friends (visually communication), Cross Platform base under Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, Voice Communication via Voice Call, Sharing Documents through File Transfer in real time to your contacts, make Conference that allow you to chat with multiple people in one Chat Room and use whiteboard at the same time, Avatar, Emoticons, Secure Connection, Multi Language, and many more.

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