Yahoo Messenger 10 Ads Remover / Blocker

As we already knew, Yahoo Messenger (Official Client) is an adware that would allow you to use it free with some condition that you must follow. One of big thing is that if you use and download and also install the official client of Yahoo Messenger you didn’t had a choice to choose whether you need to saw the advertisement or not. Yahoo Messenger is Advertised Software Chat Client. You’ll see in many windows of Yahoo messenger a lot of Ads: from main windows contact list, chat room, Instant Message, Webcam windows, Loading Chat Room List (before entering chat room) and many more places.

How to remove those Ads from Yahoo Messenger 10

The latest version of Yahoo Messenger is version 10 ( If you don’t want to see a single ads in your Yahoo messenger, the simplest way is using unofficial Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger, such as YSupra, or Yahaven (see the available YM chat client at the right sidebar of this blog) that didn’t had an Advert (Sponsored Banner). But if you insist that you want to use official Chat Client of Yahoo Messenger, you can use a patch to remove those ads in YM.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Ads Remover and Blocker

Ad Banner Remover for Yahoo Messenger 9 10

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Yahoo Messenger 10 Final Version Ads Banner Remover Plus

Just wanna share some Yahoo Messenger 10 Tools relating with YM Ads / Advertisement Killer or Remover. By using this Software you can remove any ads in Yahoo Messenger 10 Final Version, You can also simply make Multi ID or Poligamy ID of YM 10 and a lot of more. The name of this Yahoo Tool is AdBannerRemoverPlusv1.0.4.1 . You can download it with Free!. Just download from the links below:

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Please Update Your Yahoo Software (Chat Client, etc)

Yahoo made a big change! Yahoo Change their Protocol, Their Server Login and many others. This could make any Yahoo Tools (including Yahoo Messenger Chat Client, Password Changer, and else) that affiliate with Yahoo got an error / problem. You you face any problem relating with your YTools? Please find the latest update of your Software: Visit the official site and download the latest update.

Update! Update! Update!

For developer Yahoo Program / Software, you should make a change on your software to make it able to works again.

The Update: It’s seem that all the Yahoo Tools program / software that login in YMSG12, 13, 14 ARE PATCHED. To resolve this problem we suggest you to move (update your software) to YMSG15, 16, 17. Hope this would help the problem.

About YIntai: Sign in Fail, Unable to Retrieve Log in Challenge

As I ever said before that Yahoo has made a big change on their system: including their yahoo protocol and log in/ sign in server, and others news that we’ve shared to you relating with YIntai (that discontinued to be updated), you may face an error message if you run YIntai today such as Sign in Fail or Unable to retrieve log in challenge.

Unfortunately, the developer has been announced that he make YIntai in Dead Condition. That’s means there are no solution about this problem unless you could “recoding” the software manually. In this state, Yintai did not affiliate with Yahoo anymore, due to the recent Yahoo Updated.

Rest in Peace YIntai

Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Ads Remover Advertisement Killer

[If you looking for Ads Remover for YM 10 Final you can find it here (click the link)] Just got some interesting Yahoo Messenger Tool for your latest version of YM: Yahoo Messenger 10 Ads Remover. That means with this Yahoo Tool you can use it to block or kill any advertisement available in the YM 10 Version (at this state is in Beta Version).  You can remove Advert in you Main Messenger window, in Change Room Banner, Banner Ads in Chat Room, Webcam Adverts, and even use to make Multiple Instant aka Polygamy ID for your Yahoo Messenger 10 (Beta).

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YIntai is a History, “I terminate Y!Intai”

[Yintai is stil alive, New patch had appeared thru underground site. Enjoy!] Just wanna forward an announcement that Downstruck has Terminated YIntai (on August 15th 2009). This means, no more update about this software. If you face that your Yintai didn’t work, that means you no longer had any solution from the owner / creator of YIntai. Here the farewell note from the author:

Yo, Mamen!

Are you expecting an announcement? Well, here we go.

Almost five years, Y! Intai had been adding excitement to Yahoo!
Messenger. Many of users around the world always run Y! Intai next to
the messenger. Now, Yahoo! made a major change their system that
affect many softwares utilizing their service. The effective date is
today: 15 Agustus 2009.

So, since beginning of the warning I have decided: Y! Intai is a

Yes, mamen, no more update of future release of this software. It
doesn’t mean I could not update my code. In fact, the new code is much
simplier and no longer requires external library (DLL). It’s just
enough for me. My intention to sharpening my programming skills and an
effort to motivate my brothers in Indonesia to produce world-class
software is enough.

Thank you all who’d enjoy using this small software and I hope you got
all the fun. If somehow you still can run this software, then good for
you. If not, that’s how it should be.

As Kreator screams, “There’s no beginning without end”, I terminate Y!

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Yahoo Messenger Hider

We wouldn’t talk a lot of about this Yahoo Messenger Tool. We just want to share one of the unique Yahoo Messenger Software that you should try: Yahoo Messenger Hider. What for and What Yahoo Messenger Hider can do?

Yahoo Messenger Hider – Totally Hide All YM Windows n Activities

Yahoo Messenger Hider is Yahoo Tool software that would help you to hide all Yahoo Messenger Windows and Activities instantly. That means even you are being in chat room or Instant Messaging with your friend via YM aka Yahoo Messenger, the taskbar, the windows, and all activities of your YM would instantly hided if you want. This would make any of your friends or colleague or your boss would never see that you are using Yahoo Messenger.

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