Yahoo Messenger wouldn’t Show any Text Messages Receive / Send – Fix Error Solution

In the middle of chatting, such as when you are in Chat Room of Yahoo Messenger or you make a private Instant Message (Private Message/PM) with your friend through Yahoo Messenger, you experienced that the text goes to “blank” and whenever and whatever you type any message and press “enter” or “send” button you couldn’t see any message appear or shown up.

Even you noticed that your friend currently typing a message “your_friend is typing…” but after for a while you couldn’t see any message received or sent from your friend. If you faced this kind of problem, here are the steps that you must do to fix or resolve this problem.

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Something Wrong with Yahoo Messenger Chat Room List

On December 11th 2010, we noticed that something got wrong with Yahoo Messenger Chat Room List: one or more Chat Room has disappeared from the List!! Though some others are not!: Chat Room List Yahoo got Error!!

To make you able to join your lovely Room (if you can’t join to your Chat Room of YM because it also missing / gone), just open random Room or any Chat Room available in the list, and then join it manually by using Join Room Command:

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Cracking your own Yahoo Password – Forget Pwrd!

If you forgot your Yahoo password and still not able to retrieve back your own Yahoo Password that make you got frustrated because you can’t able to login to Yahoo Features such as Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo Mail, we can give you a short tips that might be works for You. We suggest you to use this trick on Cracking your own Yahoo Password if you had already used “Official forgotten Password Steps” (official ways to make you able to retrieve your own password that you got forgotten: security question, birthday, location, might be needed).

Forget Yahoo Password

Cracking Your Own Yahoo Password

First, you have to remember all the password that flashing in your head and write it down in a paper or notepad (more passwords, better).

Manually Cracking: you can do manually cracking your own Yahoo ID, by simply try to use it in Your Yahoo Username. Try to login with each of password that on the list of your paper or notepad 1 per hours.

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Can Someone Find All Your Aliases in Yahoo Messenger?

Alias or Secondary ID in Yahoo Messenger could be the best way to hide you from another person that you don’t wanna make a contact (communication like email or chat or IM). But, is there any possibility to find All Aliases in Yahoo (especially Yahoo Messenger). The answer would be: may be yes, may be no.

Answer #1: No, if you deactivate Your Yahoo Alias(es) ID (inactivate), there no possibility to figure out all of Your Aliases ID. Inactive Alias would never be able to detected unless it been activate.

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Block Access to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room – Child Protection

Something wrong on WordPress CMS, This post has been disappeared recently that I can’t understand why this is happen. My older posts that I been recently made a little revision also got the same thing: It’s back to old text without no revision. I wrote this post because I don’t want you miss the “Tricks to save your children for better future”

We would tell you that, officially, Chat Room on Yahoo Messenger only available for a user that been 18 years or older (define by the Birthday on their Yahoo Profile, and it can’t be changed!). For Parent that care “what their children do” in the Instant Messenger Activities likes Yahoo Messenger, could be not worry because of it. Your children would got the Refused Error every time they tried to access Yahoo Messenger Chat Room because of their age were Under 18 years old. The Message Error usually “The Request was Refused“. But it simply can be handle by creating new Yahoo Account that has an age 18 years / older.

To handle those tricks that would allow your child to access Yahoo Chat Room just block their internet access directly from computer. You don’t need additional software to do that!.

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Protect Prevent your Yahoo ID from Being Locked by using Lock ID

Lock ID is the way to make Your Yahoo ID unable to use it again or unable to login again to Yahoo Servers (including mail, chat and other application of Yahoo). Usually the locking works by using small yahoo program / or using manually way.

Actually, when the ID got Locked, the ID wasn’t locked by The Software of Lock ID. Instead of from it, your ID not been able to login because of the System Protection of Yahoo it self. It designed to prevent or avoid Password Cracker Attack (usually using Yahoo Password Cracker Software).

That why, if you lost or forgot your Password and try to login with wrong password again and again (too many times) you’ll got that you are not able to login again even if your password is correct (usually if you tried more than 30 times a day). Your ID would be paralyzed (locked), usually, 12 Hours or 24 Hours (not sure about this though).

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Behind the Tricks of Getting Yahoo Messenger Offline Installer File directly from Yahoo Server

Installing Yahoo Messenger for some chat users is not easy as we though, especially if they are using low internet connection. Yahoo Update their version of Yahoo Messenger month by month or even week by week, and we need to follow their update to download the latest version of Yahoo Messenger. As everybody knew, using official installer of Yahoo Messenger that we got from the official website of Yahoo Messenger is only a online downloader and installer file. This means that we have to download and install the Yahoo Messenger online and need “good” and “fast” internet connection. Buy how if we can download the “full installer file” and install the file in OFFLINE mode?

As we always share with you in this blog, The yahoo Messenger installer that we share is a kind of offline installer or sometimes called as standalone installer. The file would be downloaded directly from Yahoo Server without need the online downloader and installer.

How do we know the Offline Installer File of Yahooo Messenger Download Link

First we just need to know the update version of Yahoo Messenger. Just click the help file on the Yahoo Messenger tab menu and click “Check for Updates”. That would lead you to the web browser and show you the latest update version of Yahoo Messenger (if your version has lower edition).

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Yahoo Messenger Client for Low End Computer and Low Internet Connection

This is just a suggestion for people that still use Low End Computer such as using Windows 98 and also only has 32 or 64MB Memory Ram or using Processor Low End such as Pentium II or III. If you want to chat using Yahoo Messenger Account with your computer that not to “up to date” or not very “powerful” and the internet connection that you use is still low connection (GPRS, not a broadband for example), We suggest you to use Yahoo Messenger Client that has very light / lite condition.
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