How to Find Out / Figure Out Fake Webcam?

To the point. To find out and figure out someone that make a chat with you used Fake Webcam or not here are the “sign” of them:

First: The Video and Chat Activities with you didn’t “similar”. For example if they send you a message than the webcam video “not in typing activities”.

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YIntai Patch!! new Live for Y!Intai Lover

Yintai is back! Yintai back from the death and finally re-alive! It’s almost been late for 4 month (unofficially been released on January 2010) that we didn’t realize that Yintai patch –Under the name: YIntai Stolen– has been released by someone (we believe he is mr DownStruck) through underground forum (not released via official website of YIntai). This patch would make you able to use Yintai again and make it able to save and capture any Yahoo Messenger webcam of your target.

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Capture Video from Yahoo Webcam

A years ago the best answer for your question “How to Capture Video from Yahoo (Messenger) Webcam” might be was YIntai, but due to the YIntai was terminated then the Best way to Record and Capture Video from Yahoo Webcam is using Screen Capture Video Software.

By Using Screen Capture you can save the capture recorded video activities into AVI video or else. Just record Yahoo Webcam Video by define the area on your computer screen that had a webcam and the bordered it! You can record both video and sound / voice.

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How to Make Request View Webcam Accepted

As you knew, If someone want to view others webcam in Messenger Services such as Webcam in Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM AOL Instant Messenger or else, they need to request to view his/her webcam first before they are able to view it. And of course the webcam owner need to accept their request before they can finally view the webcam picture. If the webcam owner decline or reject their request they would never see the webcam.

This article would discussing to make the probability of acceptablelity to view the Webcam more higher, though it is not 100%.

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Y!Intai 2.Fz has Released

[To make this YIntai 2Fz works, you need to download the YIntai-Stolen Patch and copy paste to the folder of existed Yintai 2Fz] Finally, Mr Downstruck, released new Yahoo Intai called as Y!Intai 2.Fz. With this newest released we hope that this would fix the Connecting Problem recently appears in YIntai. From the offical website of YIntai,, the YIntai 2Fz released on February 8th, 2009

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YIntai Error – Connecting…

Yesterday until right now (Feb, 3rd 2009 ), all of YIntai users had been getting an error relating with the Connection to Yahoo Webcam Server. When we try to login in Y Intai, the connecting message would appears for a long time (like stopped) and never get into connected. Yes, YIntai Stuck in “connecting…” mode:

Since this morning, Y!Intai does not login. the status remains on
“connecting”. does anybody know a solution to this?

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Access View Yahoo Webcam Without Permission

Without No doubt, It almost impossible for us to achieve an access to view yahoo webcam without Permission. We believe that what we means about, Accessing Yahoo Webcam without Permission is a way we don’t even need an permission or acceptance from the owner of the web cam of yahoo messenger to view their webcam. We already knew that Yahoo Messenger designed to handle view webcam had to accept first from the user before they can view their webcam. So, is there any possibility to view Yahoo Messenger webcam without Permission?

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Yahvox Voice Domination for Yahelite

Image and video hosting by TinyPicYahvox is a part of YahElite Chat Client. Yahvox is a software that develope to make voice conversation in chat room work along with YahElite. The original file name of Yahvox usually can be found at YahElite folder as YahVox.exe. Then what Yahvox Voice Domination? YahVox Voice Domination or we can call it just YahVox domination, isĀ  a kind of software that will make original YahVox will “dominate” the voice on the chat room of Yahoo Messenger.
How to use YahVox Voice Domination?

Usually you can run YahVox just by replacing the original YahVox.exe with YahVox Voice Domination executable file. If you use YahVox Domination Version 1.1 you would replace the original YahVox with YahVox_Domination_V1.1.exe and for other version might be has a different way.

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