[Ask] How to Remove Facebook Ticker Sidebar?

Facebook Remove Ticker

Since the changed being applied on Facebook, and especially the new existence of Facebook Ticker that would allow you to stream what your friend “just do” like he commented blablaba, likes blablabla, now friends with blablabla, she tagged on photo’s blablabla and even wrote post in blablabla (I rather called Sidebar Friends Stream Activity Peeping, or rather like to call as Sidebar Stream Stalker). That getting me sucked and tired. It just make me like a stalker?

I’m not happy on facebook even due to there are quite of my best and old friends still hanging around in fb, I been forced still used it. One question to anyone of you that might know the answer: How to Remove Facebook Ticker from my Home page?

I minimized the sidebar chat and ticker, then shockingly, the ticker still appears in the homepage and even got scrolled when I scrolled down!. Poor me.