Download, View All Facebook Status Messages (Archive Zip – Oldest to Newest ) Tutorial

Today, I remember that I ever wrote status in Facebook that very important to be read (again). Unfortunately, I could get the status message that I wanna know due to the creation date that been too old (in years 2008). Then I searching the ways I could get back the status that I want, even if the status was old or all the status that cannot be able to retrieved back using “ordinary ways”.

Fortunately, Facebook obviously provide archive download all the status message that we ever wrote in. It even including all photos / videos that we been uploaded, the profile, the notes we wrote, the links that we shared, and of course has a list of friend that we added / accepted. In available in zip compressed file that you need to extract with winzip or others kind of zip extractor tools / software.

How to Download and View All Facebook Status Message from Oldest to Newest ( Zipped Archive File)

We would give you steps by step instruction how you can download the Archive of All your Facebook Status Message including the comments, Links, Friends, Profile, Wall, Photos, Events, Messages, and Notes.

Step 1: Go to Your Facebook Account Settings

Facebook Account Settings

Go to Facebook Account Settings

Step 2: Click “learn more” on Download Your Information

Download Your Information Facebook Status Archive

Download Your Information

Step 3: Click “Download” on Get a copy of the data you’ve put on Facebook

Download Get Copy Data Facebook

Click Download Button

Step 4: Request My Download

Request My Download Facebook Status Archive

Click Download button on Request My Download Windows

Step 5: Click Okay on Request My Download to Close Window

Request My Download Okay

Click Okay Button on Request My Download Window

After you click Okay button, all you have to do just wait until the Archive File download link is sent to your Email Address (email that you used to login to Facebook). The waiting time could be varied depend on the size of the file (more photos in your facebook account get huger size and longer time). Usually it arround 15 to 1 Hours.

Step 6: Click the Download Link that been sent through Email

Facebook Your Download is Ready

Click the Link on Facebook Your Download is Ready Email Sent

Check your email, whenever the Facebook Email appear which titled “Your Download is Ready” it mean that you been send the Download Links of Your Facebook Status Archive Zip Link. Open that email and click the links available in there.

Step 7: Verify Password and Start Download

Verify Password Download Your Information

Verify Facebook Password and Click Continue Buttuon

You will be prompted to the Verify Password Window before you can start download the Zip Archive Facebook Status File. Just use your current login password of your Facebook on the Password form (filled) and click “Continue”

Step 8: Download Facebook Status Archive is Processing

Download Now and Start Facebook Archive

Download Now and Start Facebook Archive

Just click Download Now and it will start to download the Facebook Archive Status File Automatically.

End: Extract and View the HTML File

Facebook Profile Archive Download

Facebook Profile Archive Download

After finishing Download you can extract the Zip File (usually named according to your facebook’s username: “facebook-yourusername”) and open the HTML File. Now you can See all the Status of Yours. No matter how old the status it still able to be viewed and be read!

Facebook Status Old 2009 View Archive

Facebook Status Old 2009 View Archive

You can browser and click Wall for your facebook status, note for view your Note, Photos to view your photos and else. It would be available in fast and quickest way due to all the file been storage in your local hard-disk.