Facebook Chat and Facebook Mail Integrated with Send File Photo Video Attachment

Facebook Mail and Chat

It might not applied in all Facebook Account, but recently, We been offered to create Facebook Mail inside our Facebook Account. And we do take this opportunities. Right now we already had an account with ourusername@facebook.com. It a bit different in the matter of Mailing purpose in comparison to others Mail Services such as Yahoo Mail or Google Mail / Gmail, but it pretty Interesting. We found also some changing in the matter of Facebook Chat behaviour regarding with the availability of Facebook Mail.

Facebook Chat and Facebook Mail Integrated with Message Inbox and Archive

Integrated Facebook Mail and Chat Conversation Message

The First Change. Right now you can chat using Facebook Chat inside Your Message Inbox and you can also view all saved Archive message Conversation of Chat in the Inbox (Message). It almost like the way we chat using Facebook Chat features in the botton of the page (footer), but it also included with Integration between Facebook Mail and Message Inbox. When you send an Email to your friend via facebook and then it replay it, it will also store in the same Windows of Message with a little notification that the message was been sent through Email Address.

Facebook Mail / Facebook Chat can send Photos, File, and Video Attachment

Send Photo Video File on Facebook Chat

Yes, by using Message Inbox Chat, you are now enable to send a file or video or photo through you Facebook Chat Friends. Although the friend of yours that you sent the file didn’t currently having facebook mail (facebook mail seem officially did not released to all account of facebook), they still capable to view and download the photos of Video.

Attachement Features File Photo Video Send Facebook Chat

That the most important change that we noticed. We will update soon if we find another change (minor) on Facebook Chat or Facebook Mail.