Facebook Chat Emoticons now Work on FB Message Inbox

First of all, you had to know that what we like to talking about need one condition: The Facebook Account of yours should be already used New Facebook Message that integrated between Facebook Email, Facebook Chat and Facebook Message Inbox.

Facebook Chat Emoticons in Message Inbox FB

Facebook Chat Emoticons in FB Inbox Message

When we try to use Facebook Message Inbox to chat or make conversation with our friends, we noticed that we can use Facebook Chat Emoticons (all of them!!). For example, use putnam face aka Justin Bieber Face Emoticon, Shark, Smile, Wondering, Smirk, and more.

This would be new revolution on how we could use Instant Messaging, Social Networking and also Email in just one place. Step a head for Facebook. Two Thumb up! (see the image above if you don’t believe it!)