Facebook Chat for Android [Mobile Client]

AIM Facebook Chat for Android

It pretty easy actually on finding the way you can make a chat from your Android Mobile Phone / SmartPhone via Facebook Chat with your Facebook Account. Just find the Mobile Messenger Client that support for your Android Phone and also uses / supports Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat for Android Mobile Client

We strongly recommend you to use the Free Android Facebook Chat client rather than used the paid version of Facebook Chat for Android. But, let us discuss about this paid version FB Chat client.

FaBook Chat – Facebook Chat Client for Android Phone

FaBook Chat is one of example Paid FB Chat client for Android. This means that you could download and use this Android Apps only by buying the Application. If you like to use this FaBook Chat, you can just visit the Android Market and search for the Application (it charges at US$0.7 to US$1.0).

The Features on FaBook Chat including chat switch, Friends list, Auto Connect, Notifications service and dedicated supports

imov Messenger Facebook Chat for Android

imov Messenger Facebook Chat

Another Paid Facebook Chat Application for Android is imov Messenger Facebook [ Search on Android Market to download the application

Free Facebook Chat Client for Android Mobile Phone

Fabook Chat Facebook Chat for Android

Alternatively, you can used the Free Version of Facebook Chat for Android. The Features almost likes the paid version: friends list, text message, avatar, etc. Here are the Free faceook chat client for android that you can use:

  • Facebook Chat by Vanilla Design — Not available in Android Market, you had to download and install manually.
  • AIM for Android — AIM currently supported Facebook Chat, that means you can used AIM client for Android Mobile to make a chat with your facebook Chat. Just search on the Android Market to download and install the AIM for Android.
  • Hi Facebook Chat – Just another FB Chat for Android. Click the link to get it
  • Meebo for Android – Multi IM client that support Facebook Chat (Search meebo in Android Market)
  • eBuddy for Android – Multi IM Protocol client that support Facebook Chat (Search eBuddy in Android Market)
  • Fring for Android – Multi IM client that support Facebook Chat (Search Fring in Android Market)
  • andFBChat for Android – Facebook Chat client for Android Mobile Phone Platform OS

There a lot more client that support android [freeware, adware or paid version] and also has able to connect to Facebook Chat [due to Facebook Chat has open the XMPP / Jabber Protocol].