FaceBook Chat for BlackBerry

[Update: Facebook Chat for BlackBerry via App World is out - Paid and Free Version] Just wanna make a post relating with FaceBook Chat with Blackberry users. As long as I understand, we can use facebook application to our Blackberry smartphone. Unfortunately, this fb application cannot be used to make a chat with our facebook friends. The question is: how to handle this problem? How we can make a chat with our friends in Facebook using our BlackBerry Phone?

The answer just simple: use Mobile Web Messenger that support FaceBook Chat Client to make a chat with them. One example of those is using ebuddy.com (using http://m.ebuddy.com). eBuddy is one of multi protocol web messenger and application that support facebook chat.

Though, I not suggest you to use ebuddy as your Facebook chat (especially when you use their web base messenger client) because if you wanna know the update or replay message from your friends you need to refresh the page.

Because that “refresh” bad behaviour, alternatively, we suggest you to use other mobile client messenger called as Palringo Instant Messenger (http://www.palringo.com). Just download the palringo client for blackberry at www.palringo.mobi and you can start using it.

Note: you may need to register at palringo first to have an account (http://www.palringo.com/en/gb/register)