Facebook Chat Group Gone / Disappear – Why n How to Getting it back

If you are the owners / admin of a Group in Facebook, you must noticed that in the beginning you gather your friends to your group, and the members begin to crumble, then you shocked, suddenly the Facebook Chat Group feature in your group disappeared. Whether you try to find the feature by reloading your browser, log in and log out, the result would be the same. Yup, your group on Facebook no longer had Facebook Group chat feature.

Why this is happen?

Facebook Chat Group Disappear Gone Get Back

The answer is simple. The larger your member on your group, and many of your members try to use Facebook Chat Group, the server of Facebook would began to work harder and harder. If this not been handled or manage, might be your never be able to use Facebook Chat anymore, not only in Facebook Chat Group, but also in your Person to Person, PM to PM, IM to IM Facebook Chat feature.

To handle this “burden” of the FB Chat servers, Facebook need to give the limit of the members that capable to use Facebook Chat Group. As long as we knew the limits that right now applied on this FB Chat Group is 250 members.

This means that, if your FB group had 250 members or larger than 250, the Facebook Chat group would be automatically disable. Yes, whenever your members reach to 250, the FB Chat group would be gone! Although, it can be that in the future this limit would be larger that this 250 members. In the past, the limit only 150 members, but right now, it expanded to 250. Let hope in the future, this limit would extends to 1000 members or more.

The Solution

If your groups members still small at around 250 users with a little bit more, you can remove the members that not active in the group then remained the members on 249 in maximum. That would be make your Facebook Chat groups activate again and back alive. Welcome to your revival of Chat Group on Facebook.