Facebook Chat Invisible Status Detector Checker

Being listed in a group list that set to be Offline by your facebook friend using Facebook Chat Invisible Status Tricks may drive you a bad mood. While you can’t make a chat with your friends, another friends / person still able to chat with your friends. The Bad Mood even got worst if the person that set your Invisible Status is your girl/boy friend.

Facebook Chat Invisible Status Detector / Checker

Unlike others Invisible Status Feature (GTalk Invisible or Yahoo Messenger Invisible) that still able to send an Instant Message / PM even they set to invisible, the Facebook Chat Invisible Status has a way that if someone set another one to be Invisible / Offline, there no way they can’t send an Instant Message to him/her.

Facebook Chat Invisible Status Checker Detector

To find out if you been set to Invisible, it pretty difficult in Facebook Chat. It because it has two possibilities when someone “online” in facebook but you can’t chat with them: they are in Offline mode (such as turning off the chat option, or online via mobile phone that don’t supports facebook chat) or they are been set you as offline (Invisible).

The only way to make sure if they are in online or offline or to Detect / Check Invisible Status in Facebook Chat, is using “multiple account friends list”. It can be done by adding the target (that you wanna check the status invisible of fb chat), two or more Facebook Account, or using some help from your friends that online in facebook.

For example, your “real” account in facebook detected that your target is Offline is chat, but the other account / “alias/fake account” still able to detect that your target is Online, this absolutely means that your account is being set to be Invisible by the target. The condition also works by using friends help, just ask your friends (that also being the target friends), if the target is online or not. If he/she said online that means you are been set to be Invisible by him/her, but if Offline, that means the target is Offline.

Note: Remember, to be able to use multiple account of facebook, you need to use “multiple web browser” such as using FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Flock, Opera and else.

Facebook Chat Invisible Status Detector Tools / Software

We’ve been searching deeply in the net that there no such a software or facebook tool that has an ability to check the Invisible Status of Facebook. Thus, don’t waste your time to try to finding out!