FaceBook Chat Invisible Status

We knew that some visitor of MessengeRoo searching for something that unusual about FaceBook Chat: They search for How to make Invisible Status in FaceBook Chat. As you might already knew, in FaceBook Chat, there are only two option of you to create Status Availability: go Online (by click chat menu in your facebook chat you’ll automatically online) and go Offline. There is no Invisible or go Invisible in FaceBook Chat!

For simple solution if you want to make appear to someone and want to offline with another one:

First Create a Group Chat (Friends List)
Add the person you don’t want to chat in it (Just drag and drop it)
Then on FaceBook Chat Windows just click the icon of the group to go Offline


Create a Group no Chat

invis status on facebook chat

Add the person you don’t wanna chat to no Chat

facebook chat invisible status tutorial

then set no Chat to go Offline
facebook chat invisible status

no chat in facebook chat invis

Of course, we hope (just like others chat /messenger services), FaceBook Chat would add the Invisible Status Option / Feature in the future. Just pray for it.

If you means Invisible Status in FaceBook is the way you don’t want your friend knew that you are online or use facebook or not, here are the tricks that may help you.

First before you log out to facebook. Make your FaceBook Chat Offline (by click Option >> go Offline). Then just logout from your FB Account.

By doing this steps, every times you login / log in to FaceBook, your FaceBook Chat would set to Offline and your friends would never know that you are ONLINE.

Remember. This trick would not work if you write a comment or write a Status Message.

PS: Don’t forget to use FaceBook Chat Emoticons to make your Chat in FB more “colorful” and got “emotion”. :D