Facebook Chat Room – Group Chat Conference

Facebook Chat Room Group Conference

We just new that facebook finally launch the new way we could make a chat with our friend: Group Chat. Yes right now you can make a Chat Room (just like Yahoo Messenger Chat Room, or Google Talk Group Chat), that would allows you to chat with more than one people (many people) at once — though it more like Conference Room.

Using Group Chat / Chat Room in Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat Group and Room Conference

Facebook Chat Group / Room Conference (Click to Enlarge)

All you need to do just click the Create Group (see the picture above) the you can add the friends (such as high school friends, closed friends, family, friends office, business or others) and do the rest. One you friends confirm the you can make chat with all of them (including sharing photos, videos, status, even share document / doc for class project or business project and else).

You can use the Facebook Chat Group just like you using the old ways Chat on Facebook Chat Windows, including using Facebook Chat Emoticons and FB Chat Tricks (Underline Bold, etc). The difference is the people that you make chat with increased from one to many (two, five, three, or ten people) at once.