Facebook Chat Tips: Pop Out Chat Windows for Stable Online

Actually you can use Facebook Chat and make an Instant Message or Private Message with your friend in several ways, such as using Jabber Chat Client / XMPP Chat Client likes iChat, Pidgin, or Miranda IM or using the standalone version of Facebook Chat like Chitchat had, but usually almost all the Facebook users used the Chat Features via Web Base browser inside their Facebook Chat Page.

Pop Out Chat Windows in Facebook - Tips and Tutorial

Unfortunately, by using Facebook Chat in Web browser via FB Website, every time you reload the page, or go to another page, it would make the Facebook Chat showed down and sometime (frequently) go disconnected (go offline), this make our conversation with our friend stuck in the middle of communication. Instead of sending the message, the text that we sent to our friends suggested to be send via Inbox (Message).

Actually there is simple ways to avoid this kind of “disconnected or offline” problem. You can use Pop Out option Facebook Chat windows to minimize / avoide the effect of offline problem (the solution, fixing).

How to use Pop Out Windows in Facebook Chat

Pop Out Chat Windows in Facebook

Just simply go to Options >> Pop Out Chat. Then you can start to chat in separate windows. Whenever you want to use Facebook Page, such as go to other page or group, make a comment to your friends status, viewing the Photos, or Relaod / Refresh your Facebook Page, the Facebook Chat would no affected and still online. See the Image above.

Trick: If you already Login to Facebook, you can Go Directly to Pop Out Facebook Chat Windows via this links:


By Clicking the links above, you’ll got the same windows just like you click the Pop Out Chat in Facebook, but you are still able to use the Pop in Chat.

Facebook Chat Pop Out / Pop In Tutorial and Trick

This also means, you are using both Pop in and Pop Out Chat at the same time.

Features: The features almost the same in Pop in Mode, such as Facebook Chat Emoticons, Friends List, Tab Chat IM, Sound, Group Chat and more.

Three benefit of using Pop Out Chat Windows in Facebook Chat are, you got a larger screen to type a message and wider friends list and IM Windows, second, you not distracted / bothered by popping out facebook notifications in your screen windows and three, you could re-size the windows as fit as you want. Resizing windows is very usefull if you are in the middle of chat with many of your friends (not group chat) at the same time (more than 6 friends for example).