Facebook Messenger – Official Facebook Chat Desktop Client for Windows

Facebook Messenger Desktop Client Windows

I just found an interesting news regarding with Facebook Chat for Desktop Client. Right now, Facebook, officially developed a Desktop Client for FB Chat called as Facebook Messenger. At least it is what we heard from the official page of FB Messenger help center at here. This PC Software Client for FB Messenger works under Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). Not sure when the version for iOS, Linux or others OS would available.

Facebook Messenger Desktop Client Main Friends List WindowsThe Features of Facebook Messenger

What do you expect from the Desktop Facebook Messenger. Of course due to it is the applications version of FB chat, at least the features on FB Messenger is the same as available on Facebook Chat. And yes, it is. You can get a friend list, make a chat with your fb friends, uses facebook chat emoticons and more.

The additional features including the ability to get quick notifications, get a ticker to see the latest updates of what your friends doing in fb, accept request friends and make a status. Note: The FB Messenger can’t be used to create update status (post), though I thought it’s just a matter of time before this ability added to FB Messenger. Just wait :)

Download Final Version of Official Facebook Messenger

We are happy that we can find the download link of this Facebook Messenger Installer. You can start to download it from the link that we gave you below and install in your windows. Although there is a lot of 3rd party version of Facebook Chat for Desktop client aka FB Messenger (Yahoo Messenger had an ability to chat with facebook, disby, ftalk, and more) , it is better to get the official version from Facebook it self. Just enjoy! Update: Facebook Messenger officially released to the public, and it seems that the download links of the installer is the same as we shared before (below), therefore no need any “changing”.

Download Facebook Messenger Setup Installer file

Remember, the links above is the online installer (not an offline installer / standalone installer), your internet connections must be “active” / online before you can install the facebook messenger.

How to Use Facebook Messenger

How to Login / Log In Facebook Messenger

How to Log In: After you install the FB Messenger, just click the “Login” button, and it would directly open the link in your default browser. I recommend, before you “click login” button, you already “login in” / online on facebook via web browser. Then just wait until the FB Messenger being “online”. No need to type username or password again.

Facebook Messenger Login Log Out Tutorial MessengeRoo

To log out, just right click the fb messenger tray icons, and then click Log Out. See the image above. Done

PS: Image source: https://fbcdn_dragon-a.akamaihd.net/cfs-ak-snc6/84987/865/140228902751098_191245564.png