FaceBook Tricks: Animation Stars n Circles Konami Code in FB Background

[If you looking for FaceBook Chat Animation just read / click here] Just wanna share some thing funny and joy. It’s not about any kind of Instant Messenger or Chat or IM, It’s about facebook trick relating with background and animation effect. I would not give you any screen shot about this (I change my mind about this, just watch the screenshot below). I tested using Mozilla Firefox and got worked properly. Here are the tricks:

Over your mouse pointer to facebook background. Push and hold your mouse left button. Then while you hold the left button of your mouse, push your arrow key on your keyboard like this: up up down down left right left right, push b then push a, then enter.

Now click or roll over your mouse, or type something in your comment or status message. you’ll see a “magic” happen.

Then the animation would be like this:

facebook konami animation

It seems that the animation has been changed to circle and balls (sphere) animation with different color (red, pink, grey, blue, green and etc) like this:

animation circle on facebook

It could be mean that facebook gradually change the image animation on Konami Code. In the future the animation image might be different than what we said above (differ than the image above: the newest one — with more complex circles and sphere balls color — more awesome / better than the older one — poor color and only circle with white stars)

If the trick works normally, you’ll see the konami code with circles and blink of stars that shining out (twinkle twinkle little star :D ) from your facebook background (see the picture above).

You can double the animation by repeating the trick, and if you wanna close of disable the animation just open a new page on your facebook page. You have to open new page by using new tab or new window to disable the animation and close the page that has the animation circles, because if you stay in the same window even you open other page, such as from facebook home to facebook profile wall, the animation would still there (enable). done

NOTE!!: it seems that facebook de-activated this konami animation [on July 7th 2010, we tested it no longer works :(]. Hope it would works in the future soon!

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