Facebook Video Call (Webcam Voice Chat Camera) with Skype – Try it Now! Tutorial

Hy! It would be not quite long until facebook officially release the Video Camera or Video Call as one of feature available in your FB Account. It seems that this new feature is the answers on Google+ ( the New Social Networking by Google) that already has a Hangout feature that capable to make video call through webcam along with multiple people at once (up to 10 users).

What we wanna discuss in here is that right now this feature currently not released globally but you can still be able to try it by using special “Facebook Video Calling” page. Of course you can beside it used Camera you can also talk to your partner to Voice Call. The combination between Voice and Webcam Video on this case, are the things that why it been named as “Video Calling”.

To do able to do this. Just visit login with your Facebook Account and go to this link:


It works using Skype Technology, that means in the future you can use it along with Skype account or user. Just enjoy it!

How to Use Video Calling on Facebook with Skype

Hera are the simple steps that you can do to be able to perform Video Calling on Facebook.

First, Click the Links that we gave you above to open “Facebook Video Calling” Page. The Image below is the shown that you already start to use Video Call, but before it happen, you need to follows some steps and download Video Call plugin in your desktop PC. http://www.facebook.com/videocalling

If you already in “Video Calling” Page of Facebook, click “Get Started” button.

This is the looks when you are ready to use Video Call

Choose one of your friends that also uses Video Call and Start to Give him/her Call

You’ll be prompted to download / setup Video Call on Facebook and you need to download FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe applications plugin and start to install it after you finished. Otherwise you can get it manually at here.

On Windows 7 or vista, you need to run the Video Call Plug-In Installer, you can download it manually at here.

Just wait until Downloading Facebook Video Call Plug-in and Installation Process finished

Your are ready to do Video Call, just wait until your friends accept your request by pressing Answers Call.

Just an example of notification if Facebook chat that you start Video Calling with your friends by “You called bla bla bla”

This is the look that somebody or your friends wanna talk and make Video Calling to your “Incoming Call from bla bla bal”, just click “Answer Call” to start Video Calling or you can Ignore it by click “Ignore” button.

Download Facebook Video Calling Setup Plugin

If you had any trouble on Downloading Facebook Video Calling Setup Plugin (Installer / Application), you can download manually via this link

Download Facebook Video Calling Setub Plugin Installer (FacebookVideoCallSetup_v1.2.199.0.exe)