How to Change Your FaceBook Password?

If you are wondering and try to find out the way to Change Your FaceBook Password, you got the right Place. To Change Your FaceBook Password (Including FaceBook Chat) you have to:

  • Login to FaceBook
  • Click the Account on The Top Menu Bar (Right Side)

  • Click Account Settings
  • You’ll see the Page of Your Account Information: Name, Email, Password and else
  • To Change Your FaceBook Password click change on the Password List.
  • Enter Your Recent / Old Password
  • Type the New Password
  • Retype Again
  • Click “Change Password” Button
  • Done


  1. Jessica says

    hi, i did this and now it did something weird. whenever i follow the recovery instructions, it never works! it always shows the captcha. i tried contacting fb but their things never do any help. help me.

  2. redschmed says

    I entered an incorrect password 3 times and the system has banned any further attempts. What to do?

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