Justin Bieber Head of Facebook Chat Emoticon Smiley

It is actually not a Justin Bieber Head that used in Facebook Chat Emoticons (Hidden code), but for many facebook chat user it seems had the “same” face just like the Justin Bieber Face. Actually the Emoticons Smiley that look likes the Bieber is the putnam face like this

facebook chat emoticon chris putnam justin bieber

If you like to create Justin Bieber Head / Face like Smiley / Icons / Emoticon likes that just use this FB Chat Emoticon Shortcut key code like this in your Facebook Chat windows:


Then press enter and send them to your chat partner it would be turn to image icon like Justin Bieber aka Putnam face.

Using Trick FB Profile to Emoticons

Update: Facebook now allow FB chat or FB Message to “mention” the profile picture to be used as emoticons. We already explained this on my post regarding with creating Unlimited facebook Emoticons – Create Your Own FB Emoji (click to read more). By using this trick and we knew that Justin bieber had a FB account at https://www.facebook.com/JustinBieber, there for we can crate Justin bieber face emoticon with this code: