Make Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Use Enter)

By Default, whenever you press enter on Facebook Chat IM Windows, that will make you send a message text that you been typed. Yes, in Facebook Chat, we send an Instant Message by using Enter. That also drive that we couldn’t make a page break or line brake by using Enter button. For example we wanna create new paragraph or new text line. Instead of create new line, whenever we press enter it would automatically send any message that we wrote.

How to make / create Line / Page Break in Facebook Chat (Using Enter)

Create Page Break Line Break in Facebook Chat Windows

Actually, by using simple trick we do can make a page break or line break. There are two ways we could do that.

First: Using Copy Paste / Copas. Write the message text with it break line / page break from notepad text editor or other text editor tools (Microsoft Office Word / LibreOffice / Open Office or WordPad) that copy and paste to the Facebook Chat Windows. Done, now you are able to create page line.

Second: Using Shift + Enter. Yes, every time you wanna create line break or page break, just press shift button and enter button at the same time. It would create page break or line break automatically.


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