Text Effects Facebook Status Emoticons Symbols Picture Effects Smiley

[THIS FACADE APPLICATION NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!]This Text Effects Application on Facebook is a kind of Application that almost has the same purpose just like Facade Facebook Status Emoticons Application (even in Emoticons Design it has the same Emoticons List), but with another more features available in Text Effects. That can be also means that this Facebook Status Text Effects is the continuation / extension of Facade.

Features in Text Effects and What is Text Effect Facebook Application

Text Effects would help you to create animation, pictures, smiley, alphabet, effects, and also symbols inside your Facebook Status Message. The Features in text effect also have an ability to send the text effects to your friend’s wall.

Screen Shot of each Features

For Animated Emoticons in Text (exactly the same as Facade) are like this:

For Smiley you can choose like this:

For Picture you can get many feature like this:

For Alphabet, Effects and Symbols you can try by yourself.

How to use Text Effect Facebook Status Emoticons, Smiley, Pictures, and Symbols

Simply go to the Application Page of text Effects of Facebook at here, then click “Go to Application” and Allow the application. Then you are ready to use Text Effects on your Facebook Status.