Use / Add Insert FaceBook Chat Emoticon in Blog / Website (Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal etc) – Quick Tutorial

Just like the way you can add Yahoo Messenger Emoticons in Blog or website by using drag n drop ways, you can also use the same steps to Add or Insert FaceBook Chat Emoticons in Blog or Website. You can add / use putnam face like this facebook chat emoticon chris putnam or smile like this facebook chat emoticon smile or shark facebook chat emoticon shark and many more

Tutorial to Add / Insert FaceBook Emoticon to Blog or Website

Here are the steps that you must do:

  1. Login to your blog / website and choose create new post (blogger, live journal, multiply, wordpress, blogsome, etc)
  2. Open the Facebook Chat Emoticons Complete List MRoo Page
  3. Choose the Emoticon that you want
  4. Drag n Drop to the New Post (please use visual / compose editor instead of HTML Editor: see the picture above)
  5. Done