Using Advanced Chat Settings on Facebook – Turn On Chat Only Some Friends

We ever wrote in the older post that in order to make your invisible to only some of chosen friends on Facebook Chat, you need to create a group of chat and the turn in on / off manually. This trick doesn’t work anymore because FB chat have rolled out new user interface and design. But this time another upgrade from Facebook Chat teams make this “visibility option” can be done again. It called as Advanced Chat Settings Friends Availability / Visibility ( See the image below).

Facebook Advanced Chat Setting turn on chat for only some friends

By having this feature, you will be able to determine which ones of your folks that you gonna let to see you are online and which ones that you not gonna let to see it. It also provides the ability to make all your friend see you being online but added the exception for others. The fastest way to add to this list would be by adding the listed / groups that you already had (in Google Plus it called “circle”). It would avoid manually adding friends one by one that will take too much time to do that.

How to access Advanced Chat Settings on Facebook

Navigation to Advanced Chat Settings on Facebook

You can access this setting by click the “gear” icons (indicated for setting) under Facebook Chat tab windows and then click Advanced Settings, choose for “Turn on chat for all friends except” if you wanna make yourself online but for few people / friends you don’t let them see, or “Turn on chat for only some friends” if you want to let few of your friends see you online and not for the rest. Don’t forget to click the Save button.

Settings > Advanced Settings… > Turn on chat for only some friends… > Save

See the image on top of this page for better understanding.

The Facebook Chat Windows with Advanced Chat Settings applied

Online Offline Advanced Chat Settings Turn on some friends applied

You’ll see two difference group / cluster on your FB chat friend list. The top for the “online” friends that you let them see you online, and below it (separated with line: these friends can’t see you on chat ), you’ll see a list of people who don’t see you online. Still the “offline” of the group will be able to send you a message even if they don’t see you online. You will revealed yourself that you are actually online if you replay their message. So be wise.

If you wanna add more friends on your “Online” list, just click “Edit”.