Video Chat Webcam Call on Facebook – Friend Cameo

If you looking for how to use Facebook Video Call with Skype, you can visit our tutorial at here.

Video Chat on Facebook FriendCameo

If you want to use Video Chat / Webcam and also Voice Call inside your Facebook Account / Page, you can try the Facebook Application named FriendCameo that would help you to make a communication between you and your friend / family by using webcam and also voice–usually dubbed as Video Chat.

As you might already knew, in Facebook there only Facebook Chat to make you able to make a chat / text message with your friend, you can’t use Video Call even Voice Call. That why you need third party application such as Friend Cameo to make you able to use Video Chat (Webcam, Speaker needed!)

How to use Video Chat in Facebook by using FriendCameo

Simply go to FriendCameo Application on Facebook then do the rest. :)


  1. chat no sign up says

    Interesting website, i have bookmarked your site for future referrence

  2. says

    A long awaited feature. Facebook needs a competitor to launch this kind of useful apps it seems. Delayed release in my view :)

  3. says

    as u know i am hearing impaired,i wish to talking to see you the language….please the sir..i am really to start you the chat and let me know u i will face to meet the chatting for sign…i can you as mail as possible.

  4. says

    This program is sou good my friend talk to me install because my friend live in Cuba so in this program I have look my friend.”Love this program and I like”

  5. Steve says

    Great review and thanks for mentioning FriendCameo. We have several exciting product improvements that will be announced in the coming months.

    If you have any further questions, feedback or issues, please let us know.

    Steve, CEO

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