Waiting for FaceBook Chat History Archive and Webcam Video Features

Hey, I got a big question this time. It’s all about FaceBook chat. One question is relating with memorizing what been happen when we use FaceBook chat to make a chat or IM with our friend in there. And the other one is relating about Video Webcam.

FaceBook Chat History Archive

If you are a Yahoo Messenger Users or Google Talk / GMail Chat users, you got to be familiar that we can open our conversation or chat with our friends in the past using History Archive (Message Archive in Yahoo Messenger or just use Chat History Link in GMail Chat),  and yet in FaceBook Chat. Yes, FaceBook chat until the time I wrote this post, we can save our conversation or chat in it. The Chat History would lost forever, unless we save it manually (copy paste the chat in facebook chat windows to notepad or other text editor). When FaceBook Chat History Archive would be added?

FaceBook Webcam Chat / Video Chat

I knew that FaceBook Webcam by using some application of FaceBook we can make a Video Chat with our friends in FaceBook. Of course it need both side to install those application. But, why not the FaceBook Chat add the webcam feature. It would be really great if we can chat directly to our friend while seeing the face (emotion, laugh, and many more).

I knew that it would be really hard job to add it in FaceBook Chat because FaceBook chat is web base application. But if meebo.com (web base chat client) can do about that why not in facebook? :D