Yahoo Messenger PingBox on FaceBook

yahoo messenger ping box on facebook

If you want to add Yahoo Messenger PingBox on FaceBook just follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your FaceBook Account
  2. Go to Yahoo Messenger PingBox Application FaceBook here
  3. Click Allow id you prompt it out. Follow the steps next.
  4. Login to your Yahoo Account if you face the login page of Yahoo
  5. Follow the steps next
  6. If you want to add the YM PingBox to your faceBook Profile just click the button of “add to profiles”.

Another Tutorial from Official Pingbox Application at FaceBook

facebook ym pingbox

  1. Create Pingbox
    Style and save your Pingbox in the Customize tab.
  2. Add Pingbox to your profile
    Pingbox must appear on your profile page so your visitors can chat with you.
    Click the Add to Profile button above
  3. Make sure your Pingbox is on by signing in to Yahoo! Messenger
    Visitors can chat with you only when your Pingbox is on. Sign in to the newest Messenger to take advantage of all the Pingbox features.