Bug Error on Facebook Messenger that I found (Desktop Client for Windows)

After having used Facebook Messenger for about 3 weeks, We finally able to identified the bug that need to be fixed immediately by Facebook. This especially for better service and most of them relating with the delivery and ability to “process” the Instant Messaging. Here some of the bug error on Facebook Messenger that we found (If you still not yet use the FB Messenger, please download at here: Facebook Messenger Download Installer):

  1. The attachment link (images, link to website, or video) can’t not be viewed or at least can’t not be “read” the notification of Facebook Messenger Windows
  2. Attachment link did not work on Facebook Messenger

  3. Sometime, whenever I got a message from my friends (in which they sent the message before me), the tab window indicated the name of the user didn’t shown at the same time whenever I sent a message by pressing enter, it didn’t works, instead it made a break line.
  4. Enter and Tab Error on FB Messenger

  5. The text message suddenly doubled or tripped though the original did not.
  6. Doubled Message text error on FB Messenger Windows

Specs: Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit, Intel Core i5 (dual core 2.53GHz), 4GB RAM