Create Invisible Name on Facebook / Blank Empty Nickname

Invisible Name on Facebook

Did you ever see a facebook user that didn’t have any nickname or name in their account? Are you wondering why you can’t see their nickname and how is it possible? If you never encounter those kind of fb name just take a look at the picture above. That’s how the look like of invisible name on Facebook. The nickname is being emptied or got blank. It just that they only used “space bar” character on their facebook’s name.

Here what we got and how to do that:

Shortcut to Character Map on Windows 7

First you had to prepare on getting the “invisible character”. If you using Windows 7 here what you can do. Go to Start Menu > Accessories > System Tools > Character Maps. See the image above.

After the Character Map appears, point cursor to “Go to Unicode” and type “200D” (without quote). Then select the first character on the top left side which it named as “U+200D: Zero Width Joiner”.

Invisible Blank Character

Click Select button > Click copy button > Then your invisible character is ready to be used on Facebook’s Name.

Now the main and the last steps

Step to add Invisible name on Facebook

Login to your Facebook with your username and password, then Go to “Account Settings” > Name > Edit > Paste the copied “invisible character” to First and Last Name 4 times or more (to get the empty status a “space” line”) > click Save Changes > Done . Remember that you must also add an ALIAS name aka Alternate name on your Facebook Account.

For real example, you can visit this Facebook account.

Note: by using invisible name of facebook, it would make your fb profile harder to be mentioned or be found.


  1. Bhaskar says

    hi please tell me how to do it. it says invalid character. or please give me your invisible id n password i need it for god sake. :/

  2. sherry says

    how to make invisible name fb account ?? plzz help me __ that method is not working ___ INVALID response frn fb :(

  3. Ur dad says

    just fuck off dude it didn’t work go to hell >.< U think u r a genius just fuck up guy

  4. miko says

    How to make this work? I have tried so many tricks but it all didn’t work.. please teach it to me master!!

  5. vnine says

    ok guys.. the trick not working anymore, bcoz the font got filter from FB, its invalid now…
    but if u all wanna created a single name ex:
    “deddy herman” >> “deddy”
    just put the first name at the field.. and the last name just space 1 time…

  6. says

    how can i open a fb single name id. i want add only my nickname on fb frist or second name only Robin. plz all user help me

  7. Reader says

    That picture is photoshopped. You can see the color is slightly lighter where the name would be at.

    And your trick doesn’t work.

  8. Nasir hossain says

    I have tried hard but it didn’t work. If have another way to make invisible fb name than tell us.

  9. Mikel says

    fuck you, it didnt work and it will never work.Tell us the right steps… Test your steps if it works..!!

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