Facebook App Hoax / Scam: Who View Your Profile

This is another application that almost the same as Facebook Verification Urgent. It seems this application — named as Who View Your Profile — that been viral thru facebook friend requests would only gave you fake apps.

Facebook App Hoax Who View Your Profile

Don’t ever follow their want. If it ask you to give your personal data, your email, contact number, don’t do it! It might just a kind of CPA or even malware. These data can’t be used also to crack your fb account (password). Be careful

How to block the Who View Your Profile

Block Notification Who View Your Profile friends request

If you already used it, you can go to apps settings and remove the app from there. In case you don’t wanna get any friends request from this app, just do exactly the same like what we wrote before on “Facebook Verification Urgent!! hoax“: Go to All notification > Select (x) on the right > change app setting > Never.