Facebook Emoticons on Comment are Real!

If you are a kind of person who love to make a chat via Facebook Messenger or Facebook Chat, you must be familiar with its Emoticons. To day we noticed that there is a good step on the usage of this FB Emoticon: Right now the Facebook Chat Emoticons can be used in Facebook’s comment. Here are the example that we try on our Facebook Page: as you can see the smile emoticon, the big smile emoticon, kiss emoticons, and even some “unique” emotes like shark, putnam face aka justine bieber face and 42 number are included. What a thing?

Facebook Emoticon on Comment

Remember that you need to remember each shortcut key of these Facebook Comment Emoticons (let’s called Facebook Chat Emoticons by this name). If you need a help on these shortcut key / shortcut keyboard code, just visit our Facebook Chat Emoticons list at here.

Facebook Comment Emoticons

Unfortunately these FB Comment Emoji / Emotes can’t be used on Facebook Status. See the image above.

Facebook Comment do not work on Permalink Status

Another bad news is that it seems if we click the permalink link on the current status that we commented, the Emoticons don’t work properly. Hope facebook would update it soon. Update: Finally the Permalink Status with Emoticons’ Comment works properly!