FB Trick – Make Blank Empty Facebook Status

Have you ever seen a status of your friend in Facebook that in “blank” state or “empty” status. You might wonder there is something wrong with your fb therefore make their status didn’t appear in your news feed / wall. You might think that your connection might be got a trouble on previewing the status message. But, that not absolutely right, because might your friends create an “empty status” by using a “tricky” way.

You might be knew that if you enter a status without “any” text or letter, your facebook status would never be able to be posted or created. But by using the trick that we wanna share below, there is a way to do a blank and empty status on facebook. Here are the step that actually so simple:

  • Login to your facebook using your fb username and password
  • Go to wall post click “Update Status” tab
  • Then type this code @[0: ] in the status box
  • Post it. Done

If you do it properly the steps that we gave you above, your status in facebook would be like this:

That the facebook status without status aka fb status with no status :)

How this could happen?

The reason behind this trick actually occurred because the use of @ (mentioned tag) and the [0:] means the mentioned profile or page but because there is no ID on the mentioned page, then the mentioned tag turn to nothing, and blank / empty status would appear. See our detail about mentioned tag trick at here.