FB Tricks: Make Blue Text Link on Facebook Status n Comment

Coincidentally, I found an interesting trick on Facebook that would allow you to create “blue text” in your status or even in comment. What the meaning of this is that the status in which by default is in dark grey color turn to blue colors with a link to your default profile. Here the steps to do that:

Go to your Facebook, try to make a status or comment like this:

@@[1:[0:1:Blue Status Text with Link on Facebook Status n Comment | Testing for MessengeRoo]]

Then press enter. See what happen.

You can replace this sentence, “Blue Status Text with Link on Facebook Status n Comment | Testing for MessengeRoo” to your own status or comment. Such as “I in love with this person” to get tricky status which whenever your friend click the link it would go to their own profile. That gonna be fun, isn’t it?

For better understanding it go to like this: @@[1:[0:1:Type your Facebook Status at here]]


  1. Mr shaan says

    Awesome work , @@*[1:[0:1:Your Text]] “Wo Phir Se Lot Aya Tha Meri Zindgi Mein, Apne Mtlb K Liye…..!

    “Aur Hum Sochte Rahe Ke shayed,Hamari Duaon Mein Dum Tha..

  2. Tarn says

    How to make any post or comment in Green color ??
    I know in blue
    But I wana learn the way to make it in green color

  3. Elsie says

    I tried it a while back and it worked. i decided to try it again today but now when i enter the code, it just shows a black diamond with a question mark in it. is something different?

  4. Bikram Belbase says

    i didnt understood the meaning of @ and why do we use 1,0 after “:”
    plz make me known.

  5. says

    @@[0:[570258822990949:1:...Continue reading]]

    aap log is
    ke jagah per koyi bhi text likh sakte hai.

  6. ROHIT says

    @@[0:[226622554132133:1:.....Continue reading ]]@[226622554132133:0]

    This trick Are working but its get attachment of the name of the page…!
    which i do not want

    i only need blue redirecteble “…..continue reading” word!

  7. rajiv says

    1000% working try guys
    copy and paste below code nd enjoy write wat u want in blue fb

    @@[0:[155697027802126:1:Write your Text ]]
    Via: @[155697027802126:]

  8. wandra says

    You cant make it a link for naw. . . . . If You want link to a page or someones profile i sugest You make use of Ur Pc. Iphone or tablet

  9. siddiqui says

    i have a problem sir, it is showing text in blue colour but link is not working, when i click on the blue text it says content not found. what should i do… *^?^*o>_<o~

  10. aiwann says

    thanks a lot, i don’t know why but this is just only a code that work for me
    i try another but it’s not work

  11. Anonymous says

    @@[1:[0:1:Blue Status Text with Link on Facebook Status n Comment | Testing for MessengeRoo]]

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