Prevent Facebook Clickjacking – FB Chat Malware Link (Block / Avoid)

As the largest social networking on earth, the Facebook become one of the best target for lamer or “cracker” or hacker to attack or use it in term of “illegal” ways, such as gathering personal info, distribute their malware, or use it as a “door” to infiltrate their computer. There are a lot more. One of them called as Facebook Clickjacking.

I’m here to give you an advice. The Advice that would help you to prevent those kind of Facebook click jacking therefore you are not worry about those malware and feel save whenever you wanna click any link on website. Why we said link? It because FB Click jacking usually “plant” their malware onto any links that appears on the website.

How Facebook Clickjacking works?

The idea of facebook click jacking is just like other “clickjacking” method. It uses the behavior of the user when they are clicking the link. At the same time the visitor click the link to an url address (out bound link / external link or inbound link / internal link), it would also “without noticed” would click the “like button” on Facebook fan page (targeted by the lamer or the website owners). This make the user would click the fan page and the activities would also appears on the account of the visitor. This is just one of the method. They works by using javascript or PHP programming. It even a blog that host on via can be installed this fb clickjacking. This is why the fb click jacking is truly dangerous and hazardous.

Other method of clickjacking can be varied. From installing the facebook application automatically, installing the malware on the computer, or installing the add on of the browser that “already had a purpose like a malware”. When the applications installed or the add on or extension of the browser installed, the lamer can be used to send the link via Facebook Wall (then appears on FB News Feed) or send malware / virus link via Facebook Chat Windows / FB Message Inbox to all of the friends list that they had. This malware would spread if some of of their friend click the link of FB Chat/ FB Message/ FB Wall / News Feed.

How to avoid the FB Click Jacking or Facebook Chat Message link malware

The best way the prevent from the FB clickjacking or to avoid and paralyze / block the fb clickjacking malware is “shutting down” the core of the program. What we means here is, disable the environment of the malware so they can’t works anymore. How to do this? Just simple.

Because of the clickjacking works through JavaScript programing or PHP or other web base programming, the best to block the malware is disable the javascript. Yes disabling your browser javascritp would be a powerful “firewall” for your fortress so the clickjacking would never works anymore. But, it makes you “not comfortable”, I guess. It would also disable of the website that uses JavaScript. Therefore we need to “make an exclusive list”, so the good websites are not blocked. To do that, all you need to do just user NoScript Firefox Add on or NO-Script Chrome Extension.

By using this, you can choose what website that would allow you to use the script and what would you disallow to use it. As long as I experienced with Noscript, the malware of clickjacking can be avoided.