Remove & Block Facebook Verification (Urgent!!) – Free FB Credits Apps Scam (Friend Request)

This is a SCAM, HOAX, or even a kind of Malware or phising site (Virus) on Facebook using apps.

Facebook app Verify Account Scam Phising Malware

If anyone of you find this kind of notification from app friends request, just ignore it. It very clear that this kind of fb apps called as Free Facebook Credits that shown a note below is a Malware:

Warning : Announcement from Facebook Verification Team. All Profiles must be verified before 15th June 2012 to avoid Scams under SOPA and PIPA Act. The unverified account will be terminated. Verify you Account by steps below.

1. Login and Request for you Account (Make sure you are the real owner of this account 2 Invite your Friends to Spread the news around the world!

Facebook Verifications Urgent Request

Don’t take any action. Just close the app or for the best block it or report it to FB. Be careful!!

If you already Follow their fake account verification

Remove the applications immediately, block and report as spam then Change your Facebook Password!

To remove / block apps: Go to Facebook Account settings at Click Apps Menu > Remove by clicking the (x) > Done. For changing the password of fb, it supposed to be the same steps under General > Password.

Stopping incoming Facebook Verifications (Urgent!!) notifications and report as Spam

Stop Facebook Verification Spam Notifications

Stop Notification: Go to All notifications > At the right side of the sent your request in Facebook Verification blablabla > click (x) > change app settings > Choose Never > Save Settings

Report it as Spam: Go to All notifications > At the right side of the sent your request in Facebook Verification blablabla > click (x) > Report as a Spam > Done

Update: Personally, I didn’t follow what the application want us to do, therefore I do not know what kind of applications is (The Facebook Verification Urgent!!). But judged from my friends info, the application is a kind of Facebook Viral which would redirect you to do a CPA (Cost per Action). With this, the lamer who created this application would get a money (penny / dollar) whenever someone take a Survey or do a member login / create account. If this true, there is no worry on getting phising of your fb account.

Though, It still better to make a presumption that this applications is a phising tool or a malware. And you absolutely need to remove, Block, Report it!

The Criminal: