Friendster Chat / Friendster Instant Messenger (IM)

Honestly, I’m not really spend my time to use Social networking such as FaceBook or something else. But just now, I got very interesting “messenger thing / chat thing” that happen with one of the most popular social networking in ASIA: Friendster ( I do have an account in friendster and this day, I tried to login to my profile after a long while (almost two month) never visit it, I got that something change in it. Social Networking Friendster now to try to follow the FaceBook (the largest Social Networking on Earth) to add a Chat Feature called as Friendster Chat – in FaceBook it calls FaceBook Chat. We can also name it as Friendster Instant Messenger or Friendster IM or Friendster Messenger.

How to use Friendster Chat / Friendster Messenger

Just like FaceBook Chat, Friendter Chat can be use it by clicking on the bottom of the page that has link to open pop up window to Friendster Chat. Even though Friendster chat is in Beta, it would be really greats if in the future we can chat with our friends in friendster.

Note: the pic that I taken, unfortunately, there are no friends of mine that online at this time therefore I can make a test a chat or make a chat with them.