Facebook Trick – Just a funny joke to turn @[] into something interesting

I just new that we can create a command that would be very funny if we ordered our friend to do a comment or make a status in facebook by using this command. Here is the facebook trick that we mean.

Facebook Trick Im a Monkey

Login to your facebook account and make a status like this:


Please remove + and press enter on your FB comment and see what happen :)

How it works?

Actually the @ in facebook, as we already know, is the command code to “mention” something or somebody–it can be facebook user or facebook page, number 0 represent for page. For the number of 139385692833517:0 represent this Facebook Page ID (url address). That why it would turn automatically to the name of the FB Page by using @ [pageid:0]. Of course you can do others trick such by referring the number od the ID of Facebook Page. You can create by yourself.

Try to change the number ID to 116944305033469 and see what happen :). Enjoy